Mr. Clean Exposes Hidden Assets: Gets Mixed Reactions In Racy Super Bowl Ad

This isn’t your mom’s Mr. Clean. No — this is a new Mr. Clean who showed off his assets donning some very tight white pants in the commercial that ran during Super Bowl 2017. The one word that is repeated many times in the headlines today when describing the new Mr. Clean in the Super Bowl ad is “sexy.”

Who knew what Mr. Clean was harboring all these years? He certainly got his frustrations out mopping that floor as an equally frustrated housewife watched his assets sway to the motion. A motion made by Mr. Clean that was seen on the cusp of nasty by some viewers. “Mr. Clean gets dirty” is saturating the headlines today after dropping jaws around the nation when airing during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The commercial, which has sparked quite the controversy both online and in the news, didn’t make Mr. Clean a subtle sex symbol. It went all out.

There was nothing subtle about his bobbing and swaying with the instruments one uses to clean with. It didn’t leave much to the imagination. You knew right away as to what Mr. Clean and that heated up housewife had on their minds. It was this scene below that conjured up many comments about the motions Mr. Clean made while mopping the floor.

For those folks who grew up with the bald Mr. Clean leaving some woman’s kitchen sparkling clean, this was a jaw-dropping version of the man from yesteryear. The Super Bowl ad didn’t stop once Mr. Clean climaxed with a job well done in the cleaning department, as the animated hunk hopped online.

According to USA Today, Mr. Clean, who has “reinvented himself as a sex symbol,” spent the remainder of the game “trolling” his rival commercials. So what did that look like? He would tweet comments about the other commercials as they have to do with something Mr. Clean could help with, like cleaning.

The Business Insider suggests that the Mr. Clean ad is probably the “most memorable” out of the 2017 Super Bowl commercials. He was memorable all right, but some might argue that Melissa McCarthy would take that honor with her car ad.

Mr. Clean sent out a tweet about the bizarre Skittles commercial. As people move around in a circle on the floor of a bedroom catching Skittles in their mouth, Mr. Clean sees this as causing quite the mess. The animated sex symbol sent out the tweet below for that commercial.

For the Go Daddy ad, Mr. Clean sent out a tweet just for them, which is seen below. Mr. Clean somehow found a way to fit in with whatever it was the other advertisers were selling.

The overall presence of Mr. Clean was a shocker to many. While many people found the new Mr. Clean ad funny, there were some critics that found it inappropriate to sexualize this commercial.

For the people who watched the quiet and very subdued Mr. Clean over the past decades, this new version of the guy was the polar opposite. The commercial also offered up some shock value because this was so unexpected.

Mr. Clean’s critiques on Twitter of the other Super Bowl ads were funny, but some were rather suggestive. At one point he tweeted a picture of his high school yearbook photo, which is seen below.

This was topped off with a tweet of Terry Bradshaw’s reflection in Mr. Clean’s sunglasses. He tells Bradshaw that the stain on his shirt is “not cool.” That tweet is seen below.

One thing that you can say about the Mr. Clean commercial was that it was original. The company found a way to get many miles out of their advertising money with Mr. Clean critiquing the other commercials through the Super Bowl. In the featured image above, you can see how a group of men got together to celebrate the Mr. Clean ad, as this commercial seems to be taking on a life of its own.

With Mr. Clean making such a big splash this year, you have to wonder how many other Super Bowl commercials will follow suit with an “after-commercial” online next year? Has Mr. Clean started a trend? He has certainly found a way to put sexy into animation!

[Featured Image by Mark Von Holden/AP Images]