‘Stranger Of Sword City Revisited’: Updated PS Vita Game Gets NA And EU Release

The Playstation Vita game Stranger Of Sword City was recently updated and re-released as Stranger Of Sword City Revisted in Japan. Fortunately for international fans of the game, it will also be heading west, as it was confirmed the title will release in both North America and Europe.

According to an article by Siliconera, Experience Inc., the Japanese video game developer responsible for Stranger Of Sword City, announced that its updated version, Stranger Of Sword City Revisted, will be getting an English localization for the Playstation Vita. Experience Inc. released the following statement about the updated game.

“From the present day, to the parallel world. Survive in the land of polar night!

“The airplane you were travelling on vanished mysteriously, without a trace.

“You awaken to an unfamiliar starry night sky.

“It is the Sword City Escario, where shining butterflies dance…

“Before you lies a land of strange creatures, fearsome monsters, and countless mysterious labyrinths.

“You are the Chosen One: The Stranger of Sword City.

“Stranger of Sword City Revisited uses the previously released by NIS America PS Vita version of Strange of Sword City as the base of the game. Though, with the additional content of new classes, reworked combat & gameplay system, items and additional dungeon players will be able to enjoy a different experience from the original game!”

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Stranger Of Sword City Revisted
'Stranger Of Sword City' is a remake of the original Playstation Vita game that adds more classes, reworked combat and gameplay system, and additional dungeons. [Image by Experience Inc.]

Even though Stranger Of Sword City Revisted is technically a remake of the original game, which was also on the Playstation Vita, they tweaked the game to be better. According to an article by Anime News Network, the developers and publishers added “new classes,” reworked the combat and gameplay system, and added items and additional dungeons.

Also, there will be a special sale for both the Xbox One and Steam versions of the game in celebration of the fact that over 100,000 copies of the original title has shipped worldwide. Xbox One gamers will get a 75 percent discount while Steam gamers will get a 50 percent discount on the original title. That means Stranger Of Sword City will only cost $10.72 on Xbox One and $19.99 on Steam. The sale will be from February 28 to March 6.

Stranger Of Sword City Screenshot
One of the unique details of the original 'Stranger Of Sword City' was the fact players were playing in the first person. Usually, JRPGs are played in the third person from a top-down view. [Image by Experience Inc.]

Stranger Of Sword City Revisted is technically the latest game in the trend or remakes on the Playstation Vita. If a title is popular, it will be reworked with added features into a “better version,” kind of like a release of a 1.5 version of the game. Comcept did it with Soul Sacrifice when they re-released an improved version titled Soul Sacrifice Delta, and Koei Tecmo did it with Toukiden: The Age of Demons with Toukiden Kiwami.

The hardcopy and digital versions of Stranger Of Sword City Revisted will release on Playstation Vita in North America on Tuesday, February 28. The European release usually releases one day later.

[Featured Image by Experience Inc.]