GOT7’s Jackson Wants To Show Serious Side — But Is That What Kpop Fans Want?

GOT7’s Jackson may be looking to rebrand himself in the near future. The Hong Kong born lead rapper of the very popular Kpop boy band is known for his very bubbly and outgoing personality.

But in a recent interview with InStyle Magazine Korea, he revealed that he does, in fact, have a more serious side and he wants to reveal that more in the near future.

“I have an image of always being bright and full of energy,” he said, as reported and translated by Soompi. “I also have a serious side, and I want to show that more from now on.”

He also revealed how focused he is as a musician and a producer, adding that he intends to release a self-produced album.

Jackson credits his history as an athlete with giving him the drive to succeed in the competitive world of Kpop.

“Ever since I was an athlete, I’ve been influenced by the attitude athletes tend to have. ‘Nothing is impossible. I can do anything,'” he continued. “If you practice with the goal of achieving 80 points, then you will only receive 80 points. However, if you set 200 points as your goal, then you can definitely surpass 100 points.”


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While it’s understandable that Jackson would want to show a different side of himself to the IGOT7’s i.e. their fan army, one wonders if the fans would be receptive to their idol acting more serious.

As we mentioned earlier, Jackson has become well known for being pretty rambunctious with the fans.

As you can see from the videos, Jackson’s got a lot of personality and the fans love him for it.

Most recently at a GOT 7 Turbulence fan event in Los Angeles when the group was asked who was their ideal type. The other GOT 7 members said that their ideal type were the IGOT7 army but, according to Hello Asia, Jackson said that he just loves girls who love Jackson.

But whether GOT7’s Jackson decides to change his image or not, fans are definitely still excited about their upcoming releases. As another article on Soompi reports, the guys recently surprised fans with a pre-trailer for their upcoming project, Flight Log: Arrival.

This is the next installment in their Flight Log series and has an expected release date in March.

The”Flight Log” series by GOT7 took off after they dropped their mini album called “Flight Log: Departure” in March of last year and then they released their full album later that year called “Flight Log: Turbulence.”

So, do you think it’s a good idea for Jackson to switch up his image and show his more serious side? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Kin Cheung/AP Images]