June 29, 2017
'Dance Moms' Not Cancelled: Abby Lee Miller & More Original Stars Might Leave

Dance Moms is rumored to be canceled as Abby Lee Miller continues to sort out her issues in court. However, it looks like Lifetime is pushing for another season anyway.

Bryan Stinson, who serves as one of the executive producers of the show, revealed on Twitter that Dance Moms would get another season and production for it might begin as early as February 11 in Anaheim.

However, it is unclear if Abby will be back. So far, all signs are pointing to her leaving. In a post on Instagram, Miller suggested that Dance Moms is not being canceled. It might even be moving forward without her since an audition for new cast members was apparently held by the network without her knowledge.

Dance Moms Abby Miller and the ALDC
Dance Moms stars smile for the camera in a Season 7 promotional photo [Image by Lifetime]

Interestingly, the audition clips from aspiring Dance Moms cast members were sent to the reality star, who had no idea such was happening. This gave Miller the impression that the show is not being canceled.

Having received "over a hundred emails," Abby clarified that she was "not offered a formal pick-up agreement for any more episodes," hence the auditions make no sense to her.

Miller then speculated that Dance Moms producers might have gone behind her back once again and launched an audition for a new season without telling her, which goes to show that the series is not being canceled after all.

"In [seven] seasons, I still cannot get a creative credit on the show, yet some lil nothing producer has never even been to a B'way show gets one? My creativity and eye for detail will be much better utilized elsewhere!"
She also added that she wishes the cast and crew the best of luck, suggesting that should Dance Moms Season 8 happen, she will no longer be part of it.

Many fans expressed worry and disappointment about this possibility, arguing that Dance Moms will not be Dance Moms without the infamous Abby Lee Miller. However, it is likely that she and the producers of the series end up parting ways either way.

The two parties have rarely been amicable toward each other. Fans know very well that Miller often clashes with the crew behind Dance Moms and it seems that she is adamant in doing something concrete about it this time, like leaving the series altogether.

Dance Moms stars prepare to groove during photoshoot
Dance Moms stars Lilliana Ketchman, Brynn Rumfallo and Elliana Walmsley [Image by Lifetime]

Nonetheless, Abby Lee Miller may be forced to sit a new season of Dance Moms out anyway as the star could be facing two and a half years of prison time.

Miller has been indicted on 20 counts of fraud and a violation of the currency reporting laws. According to Deadline, Assistant U.S. Attorney Greg Melucci is pushing for the Dance Moms star to be sent to prison.

The second sentencing is on February 24, where it will be the turn of Miller's team to convince the court to give the dance instructor probation instead of prison time.

Stinson's confirmation suggests that the show is far from being canceled. The question now is what the cast will look like when Dance Moms returns for Season 8.

On their Instagram, Brynn Rumfallo, mini team members Lilliana Ketchman and Elliana Walmsley, and Dance Moms Season 7 newcomer Maesi Caes hinted they are returning for the new season by posting the image that Stinson tweeted.

Elite dancers and original cast members Kalani Hilliker and Kendall Vertes are yet to confirm although fans are worried about the former, at least based on her mother Kira Girard's recent tweet.

Fans also hope Dance Moms Season 8 will also see fan-favorite Chloe Lukasiak back into the fold. The dance superstar will appear in the Season 7 finale.

While Dance Moms is not being canceled, it looks like the next season will see the biggest change in the cast yet.

[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]