Kpop Idol Health Battles: Why Korean Stars Are Hospitalized At Alarming Rates

Kpop idols have been widely known to take on serious battles when it comes to their emotional and physical health. Many Kpop idols rarely have a day of rest. An idols’ days are filled with shooting commercials, photo shoots, and prepping for variety shows. Super hectic schedules, sleep deprivation, and stress has resulted in many Kpop idols being sent to the emergency room. It’s not unusual to hear of a Kpop star fainting in the midst of work due to exhaustion or being hospitalized for on-set accidents.

Singer Sulli rushed to emergency room in 2016 for cuts on her wrist. [Image by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]

Moon Geun Young (below) is the latest Korean star to be sent to the emergency room. On February 1, Young had emergency surgery after she experienced severe pain in her right arm. According to AllKpop, Moon Geun Young visited the hospital and was diagnosed with compartment syndrome.

What is compartment syndrome? The medical condition is caused by pressure buildup from internal bleeding or swelling of tissues, which decreases blood flow. The lack of blood flow can ultimately deprive the muscles and nerves of nourishment, according to Web MD.

Her label, Namoo Actors, released a statement, according to Soompi.

“On February 1, Moon Geun Young complained of sudden pain in her right arm and went to the hospital at 9 a.m. KST on the following day. She was diagnosed with Acute Compartment Syndrome and had to go through an emergency surgical procedure. Her condition is currently being monitored, and she will have to go through an additional surgery in two to three days, as well as one or two more surgeries in the future.”

Moon Geun Young’s label simply described acute compartment syndrome as a medical emergency that must be treated immediately. Namo Actors disclosed Moon would require a lot of rest to heal. They also disclosed that her appearance in the Romeo and Juliet tour was canceled.

“Though she wished to stand on stage, her condition requires her to be hospitalized and monitored. We are extremely sorry to be bringing such sudden news to all those who were eager to see her perform on stage. We will do our best to help Moon Geun Young heal fully and quickly after her additional surgeries, and we once again apologize for all those affected by this news.”

Young’s label also informed fans that the surgery Moon received on Saturday went well.

“Moon Geun Young got another surgery on the fourth. The surgery went well, but we’re still seeing how she recovers.”

It’s also worth noting that the fear of being replaced in a group or having a group break up all together can be a source of a lot of stress for Kpop idols. If an idol loses his or her job, they cannot simply go overseas to break into another music market.

EXO’s Lay Has Suffered Several Health Scares

Lay aka Zhang Yi Xing has suffered several accidents and health scares in his career. While shooting the Chinese spin-off of the Infinite Challenge, Lay collapsed while filming. According to International Business Times, Lay’s medical condition came from a severe case of food poisoning.

The outlet pointed out that Lay, 24, was pale and was suffering from ill-health during the day. EXO’s Lay was rushed immediately to the hospital. Several media outlets reported that the EXO band member returned to the set after he was discharged from the medical care facility.

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In October of 2016, the Kpop band was about to board their flight to Japan for a concert when the EXO member suddenly collapsed at the airport. An official statement was released by SM Entertainment saying the “Call Me Baby” singer passed out due to sleep deprivation.

“Lay temporarily fainted due to lack of sleep. Thankfully, the doctor said all he needs is a good rest. Lay will be heading to the dorm to rest.”

In January 2016, Lay injured his back while shooting a Chinese drama titled, Old Nine Gates. Lay was hospitalized after a motorcycle accident, according to the Korea Herald.

In 2015, Lay received treatment after aggravating a previous waist injury. Earlier that month, Lay injured his neck while filming a variety show, according to Koreaboo.

Sulli Rushed To The Hospital For Suspicious Wrist Injury

On November 24, 2016, Sulli, a South Korean actress and former member of girl group f(x), was rushed to Seoul University Hospital for a wrist injury. Rumors of an attempted suicide ran wild as headlines surfaced of Sulli being involved in a tumultuous relationship with her rapper boyfriend, Choiza. Fans became suspicious of Sulli’s injuries when the entertainment company hesitated to release a full statement about the incident.

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According to the website, itechpost, Sulli’s hospital visit included a procedure that took 30 minutes to complete. The singer was also reported to have undergone several X-ray shots. After much speculation, SM Entertainment gave a statement about the incident.

“We spoke with Sulli and confirmed that she injured her wrist due to carelessness while at home. She went to the emergency on Thursday morning for treatment, after which she came home.”

An insider from the hospital where Sulli was admitted revealed details about her treatment. The idol-turned-actress received a two-inch stitch on her left wrist. The cut on her wrist was described to be deep enough “to show a part of her muscle.” According to the website, itechpost, the 22-year-old actress allegedly checked into the hospital drunk.

Kim Yoo Jung Hospitalized For Stress-Induced Shock

In December of 2016, Korean actress, Kim Yoo Jung, was hospitalized and treated for stress-induced shock. The actress was reported to be having a rough week after being rushed to the emergency room on December 21 due to fatigue, according to Soompi.

It has been assumed that her condition may have been exacerbated by the controversy surrounding her strange behavior at a preview screening, according to Allkpop. Kim Yoo Jung, Cha Tae Hyun, and other actors stood on stage and greeted the press. Kim Yoo Jung is spotted slouching, picking at her nails, expressing a lack of attention and enthusiasm during a promotion event for the film Because I Love You.

“Kim Yoo Jung showed signs of stress-induced shock in the evening of December 26, and was immediately rushed to the hospital. She is currently receiving treatment at the hospital, and we will need to make changes to her current schedule of movie promotions and end-of-the-year awards ceremonies.”

BTS Member Jungkoo Hospitalized For High Fever And Flu

In May of 2016, BTS member Jungkoo, whose real name is Jeon Jung Kook, was admitted to hospital due to high fever and flu. During his illness, the 18-year-old idol missed out on the group’s promotions and activities for their special compilation album. Jungkook’s appearance at a fan signing event was canceled, according to AllKpop.

“Today, Jungkook went to the hospital because of a high fever and was given the diagnosis of the flu. Afterwards, the medical specialist suggested that his condition be monitored… We are asking for the fans’ understanding.”

Seung Yoon Sent To Emergency Room

On January 25, a rep from YG Entertainment revealed Seung Yoon showed signs of high fever during filming for SBS’s Flower Crew. Yoon was immediately sent to the emergency room. Soon after, an insider close to the situation revealed Seung Yoon’s health improved very quickly.

“We’ve checked with the producers and it’s true that Seung Yoon was sent to the emergency room. He’s been showing signs of sickness since the day before yesterday. Ultimately, he followed the producers’ recommendations and went to the hospital in the morning. He’s currently in the process of leaving the hospital.”

The girls of STELLAR were sent to the hospital after suffering an accident while filming a music video. In July of 2016, reports stated that the Kpop group members were involved in a car accident. STELLAR member Minhee accidentally drove their Jeep Rubicon vehicle into a structure on the road while filming, according to KoogleTV.

The pressure to look great while performing can also lead some Kpop idols to take drastic or unhealthy shortcuts to achieve their desired body type, according to Allkpop.

Regardless of work stressors, Kpop idols must put their physical and emotional health first to continue their journey in the entertainment industry.

Do you think the demanding schedules and pressures of work will eventually take a toll on the health of Kpop idols? Sound off in the comments below!

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