Nick Foles Finally Gets Big Chance For Eagles, Underwhelms

Nick Foles has been a favorite of Philadelphia Eagles fans mostly because the backup quarterback represents an alternative to the mistake-prone Michael Vick, but, when Foles finally got his chance on Sunday, he looked very much like the rookie that he is.

Filling in for the injured Michael Vick, who suffered a concussion in the second quarter, Nick Foles had a shaky performance that included two turnovers in a 38-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboyw. Though Vick himself has struggled with accuracy and turnovers, the performance from Foles wasn’t too inspiring to fans looking for a savior to rescue the team’s 3-6 season, Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Bob Ford noted.

Ford wrote:

“How did he do? He did exactly as you would have expected for a rookie quarterback taking his first regular-season snaps. He did some things well. He did some things poorly. He managed the offense decently enough to look like he belonged in there and, ultimately, he made enough mistakes to lose the game.”

Nick Foles was actually able to rally the team at first, ESPN noted. He threw a 44-yard touchdown to Jeremy Maclin in the third quarter that put the team out to a 14-10 lead but later in the fourth threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown.

Philadelphia Eagles fans still have high hopes for Nick Foles and likely won’t judge him too harshly based on his relief stint. But they may not see much more of him too soon either. Head coach Andy Reid reiterated that, when Michael Vick is healthy, he’ll return to the starting spot.