Donald Trump On Vladimir Putin: ‘He Is A Killer And We Are Too’

Donald Trump has done an explosive interview with Bill O’Reilly, saying that Vladimir Putin is a killer, but so is America.

The full interview will air before today’s Super Bowl.

Fox News has released a snippet of the interview, which shows Trump making the remark about Putin.

Trump says that he respects Putin. This has long been known to many Trump-watchers.

While he was on the campaign trail last year, Donald said “I would get along great with Putin,” according to Telegraph. Many people were shocked by this remark, and some Putin-haters, who eye the Russian leader warily, speculated that it could cost Trump a lot of supporters and possibly even the election.

That didn’t happen in the end — Trump was sworn in a POTUS on January 20.

The Democrats attacked Donald Trump for his pro-Putin stance throughout the Hillary Clinton campaign, saying that Trump and the Russian leaders appear to have “a bromance.”

Vladimir Putin congratulated Trump on his election win last year, according to The Sun. Putin expressed “his hope to work together for removing Russian-American relations from their crisis state,” according to the report.

 Donald Trump calls Vladimir Putin a killer

This week, Trump has reiterated his stance that he “respects Putin.”

“He’s a killer, though. Putin’s a killer.”

Trump’s comments that Putin is a killer, and so is America, came as something of a shock to many viewers.

Donald Trump goes on to say,”There are a lot of killers. We got a lot of killers. What, you think our country is so innocent?”

Trump may be referring to America’s wars and interventions in the Middle East, which were ramped up under George Bush in response to the September 11 attacks in the United States.

Many were surprised when Barack Obama continued the Middle East military adventures spearheaded by George Bush. Obama actually expanded U.S. military activity in the region even further.

Donald Trump said during his presidential campaign that he would have no qualms about going into the Middle East and launching an aggressive campaign to destroy ISIS/Daesh once and for all.

Trump stated that if he was president he would “bomb the s*** out of ISIS.” Trump said that he would then send Exxon Mobil to encircle the enemy and take their oil.

“Have you seen how good [our] oil guys are?” Trump said, confident that American oil and gas workers would be able to pull off the ISIS oil grab without a hitch.

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin killer accusation

As for Putin, the Russian leader has long been accused of murdering enemies and people who inconvenience him. Putin came under fire for arming violent separatists in places like Georgia in the 2000’s, reports CNN.

Then-president George W. Bush condemned Putin’s actions. Bush released a statement saying, “The United States condemns the decision by the Russian president to recognize as independent states the Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The territorial integrity and borders of Georgia must be respected, just as those of Russia or any other country.”

In another famous case, Putin was accused of killing a defector, Alexander Litvinenko, on British soil, reports The Guardian.

Litvinenko reportedly angered Putin when he worked as an officer in the Russian FSB in the 1990s. Litvinenko became a critic of Putin’s regime, calling Putin’s Russia a “mafia state.”

As an FSB officer in the 1990s, Litvinenko had been shocked to discover how thoroughly organised crime had penetrated Russia’s security organs. In his view, criminal ideology had replaced communist ideology. He was the first to describe Putin’s Russia as a mafia state, in which the roles of government, organised crime and the spy agencies had grown indistinguishable.”

Putin allegedly responded by sending agents to poison Litvinenko after Litvinenko moved to London.

It is not known whether Donald Trump elaborated on his “killer” statements in the explosive new interview.

The full interview with Bill O’Reilly will air before the American Super Bowl.

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