‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Will Carol Die In Season 7?

The Walking Dead Season 7 will return for the mid-season premiere next Sunday, and fans are so excited to see what the final eight episodes of the season will bring. However, many viewers are a bit worried about some of their favorite character’s lives before the season finale in April.

Warning: Major possibly spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 below.

According to Raw Story, it seems that The Walking Dead fans should be worried about some characters, and Carol may be one of them. As viewers know, Carol hasn’t been seen much during Season 7. She is currently residing at The Kingdom with Morgan, King Ezekiel, and the rest of his people. She has no idea that Glenn and Abraham are dead, or about the upcoming war with Negan. Carol chose to leave Alexandria at the end of Season 6 because she began to feel guilty about the lives she had taken, and needed an escape from the harsh reality of her post-apocalyptic life. Carol knew that if she were to stay in Alexandria she would have to keep killing other people, and she just couldn’t handle it any more.

If Carol can’t find the strength to fight with Rick, Michonne, Maggie, and the rest of the group, it may mean that her life is in serious danger. Although it seems the group will go to extreme lengths to protect their own, Carl could end up being one of the victims of The Walking Dead Season 7. In the comic book series, Carol goes into a depression and decides to commit suicide in a shocking and gory moment when she lets herself be devoured by hungry walkers.

The Walking Dead spoilers: What lies ahead in Season 7?
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As for the rest of The Walking Dead gang, rumors are flying that people from both sides will betray their leader and flip flop. This means that some of Negan’s group will join Rick in the fight against the dictator, and other members of the Alexandria community will head over to the dark side to join Negan and fight against the people they once considered family. Lennie James, who plays Morgan on the show, says things are about to get very interesting on the series.

“There are some people who go to the dark side who are going to take you by surprise, and there are some people who are going to come over to the light – and that’s all a matter of perspective.”

James also revealed that The Walking Dead war between Rick’s group and Negan’s group is going to be epic, and it may even last longer than fans have imagined, as the war lasts a “couple of years” in the comic book series, in which Negan is still currently alive and well.

The Walking Dead spoilers: What lies ahead in Season 7?
[Image by Gene Page/AMC Network]

“On one level, it’s very obvious that we’re getting ready for war, and everyone who knows the comic books knows that we’re about to go into a couple of years of war. I don’t know how long that’s going to pan out in the television series, but it goes on for a while in the comics. So we’re about to go to war, and the second block [of eight episodes] is about meeting the protagonists and certain events that are going to decide what sides people take. And it’s not going to be a clear division of labor, let me say.”

The Walking Dead Season 7 will return to AMC on Sunday, February 12, 2017 at 9 p.m.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers? Do you think Carol’s life may be in danger during the war with Negan?

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