Kristen Stewart Headlines New Horror Film 'Personal Shopper' [Video]

Kristen Stewart is making her way back to horror with a new film that was a smash hit at the Cannes Film Festival. With the upcoming release of Personal Shopper in theaters, the new trailer shows that she has enough talent to go back to the paranormal genre and bring the scares right to your face.

As many may already know, Kristen Stewart is no stranger to the horror genre, and especially not to the paranormal or supernatural sub-genres. There is no shortage of films these days with ghosts as the headlining frights, but Kristen Stewart may just be able to convince you that there is more of a connection than you might have previously thought.

Although Kristen Stewart is making headlines these days for her return to Saturday Night Live, she is also making films that supplement her social status. As reported by Deadline, Kristen Stewart stunned audiences at the Cannes Film Festival this year with her portrayal of the title character in Personal Shopper. But horror fans should not let the title fool you. Make no mistake, Kristen Stewart is about to get terrorized on the big screen and it's not by the celebrities that she works for.

For those who are unaware of what Personal Shopper is about, just imagine Kristen Stewart portraying someone who would actually work for her in real life. That should paint a small picture of the character that Stewart portrays in this new nail-biting horror film that critics are applauding.

Kristen Stewart portrays a young woman who is the personal shopper for rich and famous people all over the world. The main job for Stewart's character is to identify new or trending fashions from places domestic and abroad and bring them back for her employers.

In Personal Shopper, Kristen Stewart gets sent to Paris to shop for one of her employers, but she uses the trip for some personal business as well. In the film, Kristen Stewart's twin brother dies at a house in Paris and it is her mission to get closure by following out a pact the two siblings made when they were very young, which was to send a message to the other from the afterlife, whoever dies first.

In the film, Kristen Stewart travels to the house where her twin brother dies and randomly asks for him to send her a sign in parts of the house. Of course, that sign does come and eventually it starts to swallow up the character that Kristen Stewart plays.

The chilling trailer for Personal Shopper clearly shows that the film is not some fashion trendy murder mystery, but rather a full-on paranormal horror that is designed to make viewers cringe in their seats when Kristen Stewart makes contact.

This is not the first time that Kristen Stewart has portrayed a tortured soul in a horror film. Way back in 2007, Kristen Stewart portrayed the character of Jess in The Messengers, which is about a family who are tortured by an ominous entity. Stewart was tasked with protecting her toddler brother in the film and she is quite adept to getting the helpless victim of the paranormal down to an art form.

Kristen Stewart also played in the 2003 horror flick Cold Creek Manor, as well as the 2005 flick Fierce People, although that can hardly be categorized as horror with just one mere murderer.

You can catch Kristen Stewart in Personal Shopper in theaters on March 10.

[Featured Image by IFC Films]