'The Bachelor' 2017 Spoilers: Does Corrine Go Home In Week 6?

Amanda Lynne

The Bachelor 2017 spoilers reveal that some major drama will go down in week six of the competition. Nick Viall has a lot of emotional women on his hands, and the entire process is going to send him over the edge in Monday night's all new episode.

According to Gossip and Gab, fans of The Bachelor watched last week as Nick Viall was forced to enter the drama between Corrine and Taylor. The Season 21 hunk decided to pick the two women to be the first to experience the two-on-one date, which means Nick was going to be sending one of them home early. After Nick decided to keep Corrine and send home Taylor, the drama really flared up. Taylor decided that she wasn't quite ready to go home yet, and barged in on Corrine and Nick's alone date later that night. Of course, the episode cut off there with a promise of the drama "to be continued."

However, the preview for The Bachelor week 6 reveals that two women will go home on a two-on-one date, and now fans are wondering if Nick Viall is finally giving Corrine Olympios the boot. While many viewers love to hate Corrine, it seems that she's going to be sticking around for quite some time.

Nick allegedly sends Whitney home first, but later when he and Danielle L. are having a private moment she'll reveal that she's fallen in love with him, and Viall will be forced to make a tough decision. After some consideration, Nick will tell Danielle that he just doesn't feel the same way about her, and he'll send her home that night as well. This is the moment that Nick will be seen having an emotional breakdown. Viall will begin to question whether or not his journey as The Bachelor is headed down the right path, and that is when he'll get emotional.

Nick's show of emotion will also get the women into the act, and they'll be even more drama when Viall chooses to play volleyball during a group date. During the date, fan favorite contestant Vanessa Grimaldi will speak out about being fed up with the show's challenges and trying to win time with Nick by playing volleyball, saying she's been more than patient, but she's having a hard time understanding the process.

"How can my relationship get to another level when all Nick is experiencing is me being competitive at a volleyball game?" Vanessa says through tears. "I'm just fed up with it. I'm fed up with having to compete for time. I'm fed up with having to get his attention, and the fact that I have to go through these next few weeks having to deal with all the competition and all the gossip and all the talk, it's so annoying. I've been so patient."

What are your thoughts on The Bachelor 2017 spoilers? Are you surprised by Nick Viall's choices for Season 21?