Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister Parody Of Trump Signing Executive Order

Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister, Isabella Lovin, has posted an image on her Facebook page, which parodies Donald Trump signing an anti-abortion executive order while flanked by a group of men. In the photograph of Lovin, she is surrounded by a team of female colleagues and is signing a new climate law.

“The referral of the Swedish climate law is signed. All future governments will be obliged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For a better planet and a better future.”

The BBC reports that immediately after Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister posted the Donald Trump executive order parody, Isabella Lovin’s photograph on her Facebook page was liked and shared thousands of times. Posters on Facebook appeared to be enjoying Lovin trolling Trump.

One poster wrote, “Make the Planet Great Again!”

A rally during American Geophysical Union's meeting in San Francisco on December 13, 2016.

There were quite a lot of comments from American posters on Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister’s Facebook page, and a large percentage of these came from California. One thing the posters all had in common, however, was their feeling of gratitude toward Isabella Lovin for addressing climate change.

“Thank you for standing up for climate science! I live in the US and am so concerned about the future of environmental protection! My hope is that you and other sane leaders will take the lead on climate change and stand up to Trump every chance you get!!”

While another poster wrote, “Love how the Swedish Deputy PM is taking a dig at Donald Trump in her publicity photo for passing climate change law,” there was a solid reason behind Isabella Lovin’s photograph of herself with fellow female colleagues, and it wasn’t just about creating a parody of Trump signing his executive order with only men present.

Reuters reported that the order that Isabella Lovin signed on February 2 was about setting up a goal in order to phase out greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2045. While Donald Trump believes that climate change is a hoax and seeks to boost the coal and fossil fuel industry, Sweden set themselves up as caring deeply about the environment.

In fact, seven out of eight parties that are in Sweden’s parliament agreed that this new law should be passed and will work to ensure that every four years until 2045 there will be tougher goals so that fossil fuel use can be cut.

Isabella Lovin has stated that she thinks Sweden could even be a fossil-fuel state before 2045, in theory.

“Our target is to be an entirely fossil-fuel-free welfare state. 2045 is a good year. I personally believe we could get there even earlier.”

Sweden’s Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven, is concerned with Donald Trump’s climate policies as he says that these will affect people around the world. And Isabella Lovin believes it is not good today to be dependent upon fossil fuels.

Sweden Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lovin and Swedish Education Minister Gustav Fridolin on May 9, 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.

“We see that the advantages of a climate-smart society are so huge, both when it comes to health, job creation and also security. Being dependent on fossil fuels and gas from Russia is not what we need now.”

While Donald Trump doesn’t believe climate change is real, in December, 2015, there was a summit in Paris in which nearly 200 nations agreed that it was a good idea to agree to set a goal to phase out fossil fuel use during the second half of the century to try to avert heat waves, floods, and droughts, and also to try to slow sea levels, which are rising.

What do you think about Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister, Isabella Lovin, and her parody of Donald Trump signing an executive order surrounded only by men?

[Featured Image by Johan Schiff/AP Images]