Super Bowl 2018: Halftime Performance, Location, Odds And Tickets For SB LII

Super Bowl 2018 will take place at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on Feb. 4, 2018. The Patriots, Cowboys, Packers and Raiders are already listed as early favorites for Super Bowl 52.

The initial date for Super Bowl LII was announced in May of 2016, but other news and odds have surfaced for the NFL’s biggest game.

This includes news and rumors about who is performing for the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime show.

Super Bowl 2018 Halftime Performance

Adele connected to Super Bowl 52
Adele would be the NFL's top choice for the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show [Image by Joel Ryan/AP Images]

That’s right. The 2018 Super Bowl is exactly a year away. Who is rumored to perform at halftime for Super Bowl 52?

The Star Tribune’s Jon Bream ranks Adele as No. 1 on the NFL’s halftime wish list. However, he places the odds at 100-1 because Adele already said the show is not about music. She said she can not dance or anything.

Taylor Swift has the highest odds to perform at halftime for Super Bowl LII, according to Bream. Swift brings the combination of star power and catchy songs, which is what the NFL wants for a halftime performance.

Bob Dylan is also listed since the game takes place in his home state. Bream writes that the odds are 1 million-1 because Dylan is an all-time great but does not have the same stage presence.

Rihanna makes the list at 100-1 odds because she has contemporary hits and sex appeal. Drake comes in at 1,000-1 odds as Bream writes that the older NFL fans are not warm on Hip Hop.

Meanwhile, Kanye West makes the list due to his Super Bowl-sized ego. However, his odds are at 1,000-1 due to his unpredictable personality on live TV.

Other names listed include Journey, Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam, Justin Bieber, Guns N’Roses, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Diamond and Elton John.

More rumors should surface about these artists and others as Super Bowl 52 gets closer in 2018. This year’s performance features Lady Gaga as the headliner for Super Bowl LI.

Super Bowl 2018 Location

Minnesota is the next host for the Super Bowl
Super Bowl XLII goes to Minnesota and the city prepares a year in advance [Image by Andy Clayton-King/AP Images]

Minnesota may extend bar hours for the 2018 Super Bowl. Minnesota Lawmakers may let football fans drink until 4 a.m. during Super Bowl weekend, per the Associate Press.

A senate committee heard a bill Tuesday that would let patrons drink an extra two hours when the game heads to Minneapolis in 2018. The bill is similar to legislation from the 2008 Republican National Convention and 2014 Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

Further, the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee plans to celebrate winter as part of the 2018 Super Bowl campaign. They say it is not too often that a Super Bowl is held in a winter market, and there is no hiding Minnesota winter in February, according to the Pioneer Press.

Super Bowl week is a 10-day extravaganza with concerts and parties slated across the metro area. Hence, organizers expect the 41,000 hotel rooms in the Twin Cities metro to be booked during the 10 days. More than 125,000 visitors are expected to arrive in the days leading up to the game.

According to CBS Sports,Minneapolis was chosen as the host city over Indianapolis and New Orleans. Minnesota hosted only one Super Bowl in 1992. Washington defeated the Buffalo Bill, 37-24 in Super Bowl XXVI.

U.S. Banks Stadium became home to the Minnesota Vikings for the 2016 season. Other new stadiums that hosted a Super Bowl when they were new include the University of Phoenix Stadium, Cowboys Stadium, MetLife Stadium and Levi’s Stadium.

Super Bowl 2018 Tickets

As for tickets, the average ticket price for Super Bowl LI in Houston is 4,800. That is up from $3,334 average for the last four Super Bowls, per the Pioneer Press.

Therefore, the cost could increase for Super Bowl 52. U.S. Bank Stadium has 65,000 seats and the NFL manages distribution based on a trickle-down formula.

The Vikings will receive five percent of the allotment, while the participating teams each receive 17.5 percent. The remaining teams get 1.2 percent apiece. All team seats are offered to season-ticket holders via a lottery.

Additionally, 25 percent of the tickets are held for the NFL to distribute for corporate sponsor and media outlets.

Super Bowl LI takes place in Houston on Sunday as the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots face each other.

Meanwhile, the NFL is already preparing the halftime show and location for the 2018 Super Bowl in Minnesota.

[Featured Image by Charlie Riedel/AP Images]