Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady Won’t Take Bullet For Trump, Is Suspended

Secret Service agent allegedly Kerry O’Grady took to social media in October to disavow Donald Trump. In a series of now-deleted posts, the special agent in charge of the Secret Service’s Denver district suggested that she wouldn’t take a bullet to protect Trump and would prefer jail. In fact, in one deleted Facebook post, Secret Service Agent Kerry stated she’d prefer jail time to merely endorsing Donald Trump.

She ended the eyebrow-raising tirade with “I’m with her,” a common statement of solidarity with former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In her angst-filled social media rant against Trump, Agent Kerry O’Grady made references to the Hatch Act, according to Fox 31 Denver. Originally enacted in 1939, and most recently amended in 2012, the Act prohibits certain Executive Branch federal employees from engaging in specified forms of political activities.

While Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady’s Facebook posts criticizing then-candidate Trump were made back in October, they did not begin to garner media attention until late January. That’s when The Washington Examiner reported on them publicly; shortly thereafter, they were deleted. Unfortunately for O’Grady, the damage had been done.

Folks were particularly upset with the agent’s inference that she wouldn’t take a bullet for Trump, considering that doing precisely that is essentially the job description of an agent. Her position of authority in the Secret Service was further concerning to the agency and members of the public who had seen Secret Service agents put themselves between candidate Trump and potential harm repeatedly on the campaign trail.

Following the public’s widespread concern and even outrage regarding the social media posts made by Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady, the Secret Service issued a statement to quell the public’s anger. According to the agency, it was already aware of the controversial social media posts. Further, it vowed that it was investigating the situation and prepared to take “appropriate action” in response to the damning Facebook posts attributed to Agent O’Grady.

“All Secret Service agents and employees are held to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. Any allegations of misconduct are taken seriously and swiftly investigated.”

The statement from the Secret Service went on to add that it would not be making further public comments on the internal investigation into the social media posts allegedly made by Agent O’Grady.

“This is a personnel matter and we will not be commenting further.”

A source close to the investigation into the anti-Trump posts in which O’Grady allegedly inferred that she wouldn’t take a bullet for the new POTUS were made on the Secret Service agent’s personal Facebook account, not an official social media account associated with the agency. However, agency investigators did specifically look into whether or not the posts were made while O’Grady was on duty, according to reports.

Agent Kerry O’Grady has declined to comment publicly on the situation.

At least one person close to the Secret Service and its investigation into the social media activities of Kerry O’Grady claims that the agency, or at least upper-level officials within the Secret Service, are “extremely disappointed.”

Now, CBSNews is reporting that some action has been taken in the case of Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady. While the situation regarding her alleged anti-Trump Facebook posts is still being investigated, Agent O’Grady has reportedly been suspended from her position as special agent in charge of the agencies Denver district. At this point, O’Grady is still collecting her paycheck despite her suspension.

Agent O’Grady’s suspension with pay is reportedly slated to continue for the duration of the investigation into her controversial social media activities. At this point, it is unclear what ultimate consequences could result from the outcome of the investigation. It is unknown whether or not Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady will be able to retain her position as head of the Denver office once the investigation into her alleged anti-Trump Facebook posts has been completed.

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]