‘This Is Us’ Jack Pearson Death: Five Theories That Will Break Your Heart

Kayleigh Armstrong

This Is Us fans know very well by now that superdad Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) is no longer around in the present day. Show creators have been reserved when it comes to providing details on how Ventimiglia's character died, but that did not stop fans from making their own theories as to how the beloved Jack Pearson made his exit from the lives of Rebecca (Mandy Moore), Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz), and Randall (Sterling K. Brown).

Viewers first learned that Jack Pearson is no longer with his family in the second episode of This Is Us when Rebecca came to visit Randall's house, only that she's with Miguel (Jon Huertas), Jack's best friend, at that time. In the episodes that followed, the heartbreaking twist that Jack had died has been revealed. Since then, fans have been dying to know how a wonderful person like Jack did not get to live long in the series. At the same time, fan theories about the characters have flooded Reddit.

One popular theory, which news sites like Bustle and Refinery29 have covered, suggests that Jack Pearson's addiction to alcohol may be involved. In one of the episodes of This Is Us, Jack was shown to have developed alcoholism that he would come home late from work and have frequent drinking sessions with Miguel. Eventually, Jack was able to overcome his addiction when Rebecca confronted her about it. However, fans suggest that the Pearson patriarch may have experienced a relapse later on, which resulted in an alcohol-related stroke or heart failure.

A second fan death theory from a Tumblr user that has been making rounds suggests that Jack died from a plane crash. It was observed that the Pearson twins, Kate and Kevin, somehow have a fear of flying. Kate experienced air turbulence when she flew to New York for Thanksgiving and that moment made her realize that life is too short that she decided to get a gastric bypass. Kevin, on the other hand, destroyed his model airplanes when he was tricked by one of his former love interests, Olivia (Janet Montgomery).

In relation to a plane crash, one fan suggested that Rebecca's husband died from the 9/11 terror attack. However, this fan death theory has already been debunked since the numbers do not add up. Given that the Pearson kids were born in the 1980s, they would have been 21 when the attack happened, but in the latest episode of This Is Us, it was revealed that Jack died when the kids were teenagers.

Another theory posted by Reddit user AFriendlyInternetGuy stated that Jack may have died as a hero. It was suggested that he met his demise while trying to save Miguel from a house fire. According to the user, this theory could explain why Miguel's family was never mentioned on the present day episodes of This Is Us and that he and Rebecca became extremely close.

Fans also think that Jack Pearson may have died from a work-related accident. The Pearson patriarch works as a construction foreman, a job that involves risks at the work site. There were assumptions that Jack may have fallen to his death. While this may seem plausible, it could be highly unlikely since Jack is seen working behind the desk in some of the episodes of This is Us.

The Internet is just flooded with theories about Jack Pearson's death but fans won't know the real reason until many episodes or seasons later. This is Us series creator and executive producer Dan Fogelman told Vulture that Jack's death will be told in bits and pieces. Knowing that the series has been renewed for two more seasons, it appears that the real story behind Jack's death won't be known for a while.

Catch more of Jack and the Pearson family on This Is Us, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. The next episode will highlight Jack and Rebecca's wedding, as well as Kevin's possible reunion with his childhood sweetheart and ex-wife, Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge).

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