WWE Rumors: Batista Making WWE Return For One More Match With Triple H

Will McCormick

Seth Rollins' injury has created a lot of problems for WWE officials, but it may have also opened the door of opportunity for someone like Batista to return for one more match. Seth Rollins vs. Triple H was written in stone for Wrestlemania 33, but the business is full of injuries ruining big matches. However, that always creates the opportunity for something else to take its place, which is what WWE officials need to figure out.

Apparently, Triple H is adamant about wrestling in Orlando this year even if Seth Rollins is unavailable. The latest rumor is claiming that a match with Shane McMahon is a strong possibility. Samoa Joe has also been reported as another possible opponent for The Game at Wrestlemania. As of this writing, Seth Rollins being able to wrestle in Orlando is a long shot, so WWE officials will need to think outside of the box for Triple H.

In a nutshell, WWE has three choices if Triple H must wrestle at Wrestlemania in a few months. They can find a way to force him into another feud, take the risk on Rollins' knee healing in time for April 2, or they can find an alternative match that makes sense for him rather than having to make more big changes to the Wrestlemania card. That may be exactly what's happening, and WWE may be planning a surprising return.

The idea of Batista returning to WWE for another match with HHH has come up recently. On paper, Batista vs. Triple H doesn't seem like the answer to WWE's booking problems, but it could add another big money match to the card without having to make huge changes to force a feud between Triple H, Samoa Joe, Shane McMahon or another WWE Superstar. Instead, The Animal vs. The Game would be another huge matchup.

The last time the WWE Universe saw Batista in WWE, he was back in 2014 after the conclusion of the feud between Evolution and The Shield. Batista "quit" after being denied a fair singles match for the WWE World Title for months. In reality, his commitments to Hollywood forced him to leave, but he left his dynamic with the WWE Universe in poor condition. Needless to say, Batista making a WWE return would be complicated.

Last year, Batista turned down a role for Wrestlemania 32 because he didn't think it was important enough for him to make all the necessary commitments for a special guest referee cameo or a brief appearance on the show. Unfortunately, Batista hasn't had many flattering things to say about his last run with WWE back in 2014. In fact, he's shown little interest in another match for the foreseeable future, but that may change.

Dave Batista still loves WWE and loves wrestling, but it's the backstage politics and the creative process that he doesn't like. Triple H is good at mending fences with disgraced stars of the past. It's plausible that Batista would be willing to return to WWE television if things were made easy for him and the match was important to the card. In fact, another match with Triple H could be the answer to his woes with the WWE Universe.

The WWE Universe will treat Batista with a lack of respect and turn him heel no matter what WWE officials do to improve his standing with them. The only way for Batista to gain that respect back would be to go against someone they dislike even more than him. By all appearances, HHH is responsible for Samoa Joe injuring Seth Rollins. WWE officials could use that to bring Batista back to WWE as the hero to bring Triple H down.

The truth is the WWE Universe is fickle about Batista after his last run on WWE programming. He may not be able to regain favor with the fans again, but WWE officials could find a way to make it easier for him to make an appearance before Wrestlemania 33 and at least get the ball rolling and see what happens. Down the line, something like Batista vs. Triple H could be possible for the grandest stage of them all.

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