‘Attack On Titan’ Animator Posts Eren, Mikasa Artwork For Season 2 Of ‘AOT’

Season 2 of Attack On Titan is approaching fast. Although the second season for the popular Japanese anime is expected to be based on the manga of the same name, a recent artwork posted by one of the chief animators hints there could lot more in the anime’s upcoming season than what was laid out in the original manga.

After a rather tedious wait filled with multiple promises and disappointments, fans can finally expect Season 2 of Attack On Titan. The upcoming season of AOT is set to debut in April 2017. As expected, both the fans as well as the creators have taken to the internet to elevate the euphoria about the new season.

While there have been numerous theories drawn by fans after the official promotional video was released, a new tweet from one of the animators from Attack On Titan, features a rather bewitching image of Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman, who are two of the most important members of the Elite Survey Corps. Althoug the Survey Corps has been tasked with the fortification and protection of the outer defense walls of the human civilization, the group also carries out exploratory missions meant to uncover mysteries prevalent in the prevalent society. Fans are drawing some far-fetched theories based on the image shared by Arifumi Imai.

Imai shared artwork he drew of the two protagonists with his followers on Twitter, and needless to add, the tweet went viral among the AOT fan base. Imai is the main Action Animation Director of the Attack On Titan anime. The beautiful illustration posted by Imai is a composite picture of both Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman. At first glance, the image looks pretty routine, however, fans are excited about the depiction of Mikasa.

The image background prominently features Eren’s profile. The strong-willed member of the Elite Survey Corps has seen a lot of violence and bloodshed. But instead of becoming indifferent, Eren has grown to become a hardened leader with strong compassion about his fellow warriors. Considered as the main protagonist of Attack On Titan, Eren is also a shape-shifter


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As expected, Eren’s image has been depicted just like his character in AOT. He appears fixated on something that’s at a distance. However, it is Mikasa’s portrayal that has fans talking. One of the main characters, Mikasa has always been considered as a powerful and effective member of the Elite Survey Corps. However, Imai has depicted the strong-hearted beauty in a very feminine form. She is seen lightly touching a faded red scarf as her hair flows freely. To top it all, Mikasa’s expression looks downright doe-eyed.

Imai has chosen to color only Mikasa’s scarf in the entire image. The effect is quite eye-catching, and fans claim there might be more than what meets the eye. Apart from the feminine scarf, the rest of Mikasa’s garb appears quite similar to the one that is worn by every member of the Elite Survey Corps. The pneumatic hooks Mikasa is seen sporting are essential to every warrior to keep swining in the air to attack the colossal giants.

Needless to add, the way Mikasa has been drawn by Imai is a far cry from her usual depiction in Attack On Titan anime. Mikasa always features a battle-ready persona. She doesn’t exactly frown, but is never seen to bear a smiling personality, let alone a feminine one. Essentially, Mikasa has a stoney face in the anime. The face usually does not betray any emotions that may be brewing in her heart. Nonetheless, fans of the anime are undoubtedly pleased to see this absolutely unseen side of the AOT’s heroine.

Imai has been actively sharing some interesting artwork of Attack On Titan. Late last month, the animation director shared more behind-the-scenes sketches of Eren with fans

[Featured Image by Hajime Isayama/Attack on Titan/Kodansha]