The Arnold Schwarzenegger-Trump Debacle Continues And Now It’s About Tax Records

The Arnold Schwarzenegger-Trump debacle is still going strong, and this time it’s the Terminator who’s taking a jab at the POTUS, and he’s using tax records as his ammo.

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump have been trading barbs ever since the Terminator took the latter’s position as the new host of The New Celebrity Apprentice.

On January 6, Trump tweeted about Arnold’s performance on The New Celebrity Apprentice, which came out on January 2, and the POTUS said that the ratings of his former show were nothing compared to his when he ran the show before.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger-Trump debacle started after that when the former governor of California also went on Twitter to tell Trump that he should focus more on running the country than worrying about the ratings of a reality series.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger-Trump debacle could have ended there if the POTUS decided to follow the Gubernator’s advice, but apparently he’s not one to back down from a fight even if it’s trivial.

Trump renewed his feud with Arnold when he spoke at the annual National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday.

During his speech the 45th president asked the crowd to pray for Arnold and The New Celebrity Apprentice so that the ratings would go back up, eliciting a few laughs from the audience.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Trump debacle

Unfortunately for Trump, Arnold is not one to back down as well from a fight, even when the POTUS is the one taking a shot at him.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger-Trump debacle continued after that when the Terminator went online and posted a video poking fun at the new president.

Arnold called on Trump on the video telling the POTUS that perhaps they could swap jobs since he thinks he’s so good at improving the ratings of the show. Then Arnold added that he can take over as the president of the United States of America so that people can go back to sleeping soundly.

Not surprisingly, the Arnold Schwarzenegger-Trump debacle continued when early Friday morning, the POTUS posted a message on Twitter saying that the former governor of California “did a really bad job” when he was still in office. Now that he’s the host of The New Celebrity Apprentice, he’s even doing worse.

There’s no telling when the Arnold Schwarzenegger-Trump debacle will end because the former governor of California fired back at the POTUS again, and this time he’s hitting the real estate mogul where it really hurts.

According to AOL News, Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a link on his Twitter account leading to a news article about his tax record that he released when he ran for governor of California.

The link led to an article by the Los Angeles Daily News, which was released back in 2006, and it showed that Schwarzenegger earned $17 million in 2004 that came from royalties and investments in stocks and real estate.

Schwarzenegger fired back at Trump by letting him know that prior to his run for governor, he abided by the common practice of people campaigning for office to release their tax records to show that all of their earnings were accrued through legal means and that they’re not evading tax payments.

Adding another log to the Arnold Schwarzenegger-Trump fire is the Terminator showing that he had his assets placed in a blind trust. Something that the current POTUS is unwilling to do since letting his children run his company is not in any way considered to be placing one’s assets in a blind trust.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest jab at Donald Trump couldn’t come out at a more appropriate time seeing that more and more people are planning to march on April 15, which is supposed to be the country’s tax day, and call out Trump to finally reveal his tax records.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger-Trump debacle rages on, and the Terminator’s latest jab hit the president at his weakest point. The ball is in Trump’s court this time although it’s doubtful if he can match that hit with something equally good.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Trump feud

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