Omarosa Manigault Hurt At White House: What Happened? [Photos]

Omarosa Manigault can be seen in the following photo wearing a boot on her left foot as Omarosa walked down the stairs on Inauguration Day, Friday, January 20. Omarosa was leaving church service at St. John’s Episcopal Church, which is directly across from the White House in Washington. As news surfaces that Omarosa was injured at the White House on Friday, February 3, and rushed to the hospital, one wonders if that previous situation with Omarosa’s foot contributed to her new injury.

According to TMZ, Omarosa may have suffered a broken bone from her injury at the White House. Acting as the Assistant to the President and Director of Communications for the Office of the Public Liaison, Omarosa has taken plenty of flak from both the African-American community and beyond for agreeing to work with President Donald Trump. Omarosa’s recent appearance on The View, seen in the below video, catapulted to the top of YouTube’s popular list for quite some time because of the fiery conversation that the women of The View had with her.

With new reports that Omarosa has been taken to the hospital via a stretcher, the public is wondering how she was injured in the White House. Omarosa was transported to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, with few details about her injury as of this writing.

Omarosa’s official Twitter page shows that she last updated her Twitter account on February 1. That’s the day that Omarosa tweeted the following photo of her “work flow” at the White House when she joined President Trump for a meeting with African-American leaders. retweeted the photo that Omarosa posted, which read that Mr. Trump was “proud to honor the start of Black History Month at the this morning with Mike Pence.”

On Facebook, Omarosa most recently posted an update at Trump Tower New York on January 16, at 8:59 a.m., which was actually a “Facebook Mentions” that featured her wishing everyone a “Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday!” Omarosa wrote that she was “celebrating with my dear friend @officalMLK3 and 45th POTUS Donald J. Trump” that day.

Omarosa once cried during an interview with 20/20 as she described how painful it was to lose friends over her friendship to President Trump, as seen in the below video.

As expected, as soon as the news of Omarosa’s injury hit the press, the response from social media wasn’t all supportive. Whereas some people wished Omarosa well, others were not as flattering or forthcoming with kindness to Omarosa. Some of the comments from social media about Omarosa can be read below. Some used Omarosa’s injury as a chance to comment on Mr. Trump’s healthcare plans and other political topics.

Manii Washington: “I’m sorry but that what’s her dumb a** gets! Shouldn’t be all up Trump’s dump.”

Regina Oliver: “Hope she took her Obama (ACA) insurance card with her, she’s going to need it!”

Hugh Jassol: “Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving nasty woman. I mean, look at that face!”

Tressie Twinz’mom James: “Slaves built the White House…them spirits got her black a**!”

Kyra Davis: “Molly, you in danger, girl!”

Najee Waters: “Wonder if Trump administration is calling to see [Omarosa].”

Natasha Spiller: “Was shuckin and jiving and broke that neck!”

L Michelle Terry Elrod: “She tripped and fell on #alternativefacts.”

Anita Reed: “Probably running from trump trying to grab her by the


As seen in the top photo above, President Trump sat at the African American History Month listening session with Omarosa by his side and with other officials in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on February 1, in Washington, D.C.

[Featured Image by Michael Reynolds/Getty Images]