Kings Island amusement park drops offensive skeleton display

An Ohio amusement park has disassembled a distasteful Halloween display that caused offense among parkgoers.

The display featured skeletons dressed as many recently (and not so recently) deceased celebrities. Included were Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and a Sonny Bono themed skeleton clad in ski-gear and tied to a tree. Also in the display were Billy Mays, Dave Thomas and a Heath Ledger “tribute” surrounded by empty pill bottles. The portion of the display that was most criticized referred to slain quarterback Steve McNair, with a skeleton wearing McNair’s NFL jersey (complete with gunshot hole) and a lingerie-wearing skeleton draped across his lap. (McNair was murdered by an angry mistress.)

While the park initially denied making reference to McNair in the display after internet outcry, officials sheepishly apologized when confronted with evidence of footage circulating online. And at least one relative of a targeted celebrity was aware of the display- Billy Mays III, son of the late pitchman Billy Mays, tweeted:

How about this King’s Island dead celebrity display nonsense? Sounds like a classy establishment…