'Paranormal Lockdown' S2E9 Investigates White Hill Mansion [Spoilers]

On tonight's episode of Paranormal Lockdown, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman investigate New Jersey's White Hill Mansion, a historic home built in 1723 that went from a family residence, to a Revolutionary War hospital, to a bordello, to a prohibition-era speakeasy complete with mobster murders. The rich history of White Hill Mansion is compelling in its own right, but add in ghost children, murdered prostitutes, and a very protective (and invisible) bartender and you have a paranormal mix that keeps Groff and Weidman hopping.

(Very mild spoilers follow.)

Fans of Paranormal Lockdown, a.k.a. What Crazy Place Will Nick Sleep This Episode? will be able to predict at least one of Nick's sleeping locations for this White Hill Mansion edition of Paranormal Lockdown during the initial walk-through. Paranormal investigators Groff and Weidman separate themselves from the rest of the paranormal pack by locking down in haunted locations for 72 hours. If you haven't seen the show before, Nick Groff, formerly of Ghost Adventures, always finds an interesting hotspot or two to bed down for the night and White Hill Mansion is no exception.

White Hill Mansion in Fieldsboro has seen its fair share of tragedy. The man who built the home, Robert Field, drowned under "mysterious circumstances" according to the White Hill Mansion website. He left behind his widow, Mary, and seven children, four of which also died on the property in addition to Mary and her grandmother. While caught in the middle of many Revolutionary War battles, the living room of the mansion became an impromptu hospital, adding to the death toll on the premises.

The sprawling mansion took on a less savory reputation after the Fields, becoming a bordello where two prostitutes were murdered, and also a speakeasy frequented by mobsters who are rumored to have disposed of more than a few bodies in the basement bar via the tunnel system and the Delaware River.

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According to a preview screening of the episode from TLC, Groff and Weidman (Paranormal State) are the first paranormal team allowed to stay overnight at White Hill Mansion, roughing it in the unrestored estate. As Groff jokes in this episode, "It's like a bad camping trip." But then, this paranormal team is no stranger to decrepit conditions and lack of proper facilities for the three-day stay, as Paranormal Lockdown fans already know.

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Fans of Paranormal Lockdown will recognize some of the technological gadgetry used in this episode, including the 3-D mapping camera that shows stick figures of anything present and visible to the naked eye as well as figures not seen by the camera or investigators. This has become a more popular tool for some paranormal investigators, and Groff and Weidman capture some compelling footage in the attic using this gadget. They also pull out of their bag of tricks a few different communication devices that channel very clear responses to their questions.

You know, Paranormal Lockdown fans, the usual.

Season 2 of Paranormal Lockdown continues featuring some of the best evidence yet for the relatively new paranormal series, as well as some of the best evidence on any paranormal show past or present. That's partly due to technological advances and new devices for documenting paranormal activity being developed, but also in the case of White Hill Mansion, the house is hopping with hauntings, as noted by Weidman.

"I don't think you're alone anywhere in this house."
As an added bonus, during tonight's episode of Paranormal Lockdown, Katrina Weidman and Nic Groff will be live tweeting for fans and aspiring investigators.Paranormal Lockdown airs Friday nights on TLC at 9 p.m. with repeat episodes following.

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