One Direction’s Live Performance On ‘X Factor’ Recorded In October

One Direction’s supposedly live performance on the British version of The X Factor was actually recorded back in October, according to the Daily Mail.

Many ITV viewers though they were watching a live performance from the popular boy band on the Saturday evening edition of the televised talent competition. In reality the group had recorded their “live” song last month.

The truth about the performance came to light after One Direction was spotted tooling around Los Angeles moments after their song had concluded.

Producers of the show never officially announced that the group’s performance was going to be a live. However, those working behind the scenes made sure that the judges’ outfits matched the ones they were wearing when One Direction visited the studio on October 30.

According to The Sun, X Factors producers confirmed that One Direction’s appearance was recorded last month. They also stated that this fact was never hidden from viewers.

However, it does appear that someone went to a lot of trouble to conceal the truth. At some point a video of the band’s pre-recorded performance was yanked from YouTube.

The reasons for taping the band’s appearance on The X Factor came down to a simple scheduling conflict. Apparently One Direction couldn’t appear live on the show, forcing producers to tape the stint in advance. The judges were dressed in such a way to avoid continuity issues during the broadcast.

In other One Direction news, the group has reportedly been asked by President Obama to perform at the White House.

“It’s an open invitation for a date to be ­arranged that fits in with everyone’s busy schedules. It’s not every parent who can invite the hottest band in the world to their home. They will be the envy of girls across the world,” a source explained to the Daily Star.

Are you a fan of One Direction? Are you disappointed that the group’s appearance on the British version of The X Factor was recorded back in October?