James Kennedy On Scheana Shay’s Divorce: ‘They Ended it So Quickly’

James Kennedy doesn't seem to have the best reputation when it comes to stable relationships, as he started Kristen Doute when he started filming Vanderpump Rules. They had a tumultuous relationship, which resulted in James being physically assaulted by Kristen during Scheana Shay's wedding. Even though James went to the wedding to support both Scheana and Mike Shay, he saw red flags like some of the other co-stars. Kennedy now reveals that he was the first to say that the marriage wouldn't last.

According to a new Bravo report, James Kennedy is now speaking out about Shay's decision to pull the plug on her marriage. In November, Scheana issued a joint statement with her estranged husband, Mike, saying that they were divorcing and they remained friends. She didn't go into detail about what caused the divorce, but her marital problems are starting to show on Vanderpump Rules. The rumors about Mike leaving the home and staying away for days appear to be true.

"I was the first to say it — I mean honestly it really sounds horrible — but I was the first to say that that marriage is not going to last more than a year. It's sad really. I was at the wedding and I love Shay, and Scheana and I have gone through our ups and downs and still do, but do I feel sorry? Yeah, of course. Marriage is a sacred bond and they ended it so quickly," James Kennedy explained to Bravo about his co-star's marriage, adding, "But I did say it wasn't gonna happen 'cause Scheana's just a bossy bitch and Shay is just Shay."

Maybe Kennedy had thought that his co-stars would make an effort in making their marriage work. Perhaps he had thought they would step away from Vanderpump Rules to work on their relationship before giving up on their marriage. It's no secret that filming a reality show can be tough on a relationship, and James may have left the show before giving up on love.

While James Kennedy is saddened by the divorce news, he's now revealing that he did make an effort to stay in touch with Mike Shay. For a while, Mike and James had the DJ lifestyle in common, as both wanted to make music. And like Kennedy, Tom Sandoval also tried to reach out to Mike. However, he found it easier to talk to Scheana, and the two of them have actually become friends. As he explains, they hang out on Wednesdays and they are actually friends now rather than enemies. Maybe Shay learns that Kennedy can be trusted and she prefers to be friends with him and Lala Kent compared to Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, and Katie Maloney.

"Scheana and I are cool. We go Wednesdays to karaoke with the group together still," James Kennedy explains about his current friendship with Scheana, according to Bravo, sharing that they still see one another these days. "She's dope. She brings Brittany [Cartwright] around. Brittany seems like a nice girl. She's only nice to me when Jax isn't around because obviously if she's nice to me in front of Jax then Jax will get drunk and start losing his mind. Lala [Kent] and Scheana kind of still have their little tiffs, but Lala's always having her little tiffs with the girls."

What do you think of James Kennedy's comments that he saw the divorce coming from a mile away? Are you surprised that he thinks they gave up too quickly on the marriage, even though their marriage wasn't working and they weren't communicating?

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