Super Bowl 51 Odds: MVP Favorites, Gatorade Shower Color, Donald Trump Mentions

The 2017 Super Bowl hype is starting to build as the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons prepare to clash in Houston, Texas, this Sunday evening. Not only are fans getting geared up for the game, they also are pouring out their hard-earned money in record numbers by wagering on Super Bowl 51 prop bets.

With an estimated $4.7 billion possibly being waged on this single football game, everyone is always looking for an edge or a way to score a little cash by picking the winning team or correctly selecting the right answer to one of the hundreds of prop bets Las Vegas sportsbooks are offering.

One of the more popular big game prop bets each year is who will win the Super Bowl MVP award.

While you never know how the game will turn out, the MVP prop bet can help you score with just a small risk. Well, that is if the heavily-favored Tom Brady isn’t awarded the prize.

Tom Brady MVP odds
Tom Brady is the favorite to win the MVP award for SB 51. [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

Bleacher Report indicates that Brady is the overwhelming favorite to win the 2017 Super Bowl MVP award at 12/10 odds, or basically even money. That really is no surprise to NFL fans. When it comes to predicting who will be the Super Bowl MVP, the quarterbacks for each team are usually listed at the top of the board.

That being said, Matt Ryan is right behind Brady at +200.

While Brady or Ryan would probably get the MVP award if their team wins, the smart play is the “field” selection. You never know if a special teams or random offensive/defensive player will have the game of a lifetime and swoop in to win the award. At +3,300, that is worth the risk.

Here is a look at the top MVP candidates. To see the entire list, be sure to click here.

  • Tom Brady (NE) +120
  • Matt Ryan (ATL) +200
  • Julio Jones (ATL) +900
  • Logan Ryan (NE) +1000
  • Devonta Freeman (ATL) +2,500
  • Julian Edelman (NE) +2,500
  • LeGarrette Blount (NE) +2,500
  • Chris Hogan (NE) +2,500
  • Dion Lewis (NE) +3,300
  • Mohamed Sanu (ATL) +4,000

Gatorade Shower Prop Bet Odds

This one is great! The odds are all in favor of the public, and the worst you could do if you pick correctly is triple your investment! Not a bad deal at all.

In case you aren’t familiar with how the “Gatorade shower celebration” began, here s a brief synopsis.

Following a NY Giants 37-13 win over Washington midway through the 1984 NFL season, defensive tackle Jim Burt, who was reportedly unhappy with his reduced playing time and harsh treatment in practice, exacted his revenge on Giants coach Bill Parcells by dumping a cooler of Gatorade on him, thus the Gatorade shower was born.

So, yeah. Ironically, the Gatorade celebration was born not as a celebration, but as a venting of a bit of anger. Who would have thought it would have grown to what it is today!

Super Bowl prop bet Gatorade shower
What color will the Gatorade shower be this year at Super Bowl 51? [Image by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]

Below is a list of the odds on what color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach.

  • Clear/water +300
  • Lime/green +300
  • Yellow +300
  • Orange +300
  • Red +600
  • Blue +750
  • Purple +1,200

Finally, how about Donald Trump prop bet? After this political season, how could there not be a Trump wager on the line?

According to a USA Today report, how many times will “President Donald Trump be said during the live broadcast?” is in play this Sunday. The over/under total on this prop bet is set at 1.5.

You have to take the over. There is no way Joe Buck or Troy Aikman will mention “President Donald Trump” without the other commenting back using the same phrase.

Here are a few more exotic props that several Las Vegas casinos will be taking wagers on.

What color hoodie Patriots coach Bill Belichick wears?

  • Blue: 4/11
  • Grey: 3/1
  • Red: 40/1
  • Field: 50/1

Will Joe Buck be clean-shaven for the Super Bowl broadcast?


What pattern will Fox play-by-play announcer Joe Buck’s tie be?

  • Solid: 9/8
  • Stripes: 3/2
  • Polka-Dots: 12/1
  • Field: 14/1

[Featured Image by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images]