‘Sword Art Online’ Season 3 Confirmed At End Of ‘Ordinal Scale’ Movie?

Sword Art Online, a popular Japanese anime is expected to get its third season, confirmed a very short announcement at the end of the latest movie belonging to the same franchise.

Sword Art Online, popular referred to as SAO, may soon have its third season. The franchise is receiving a lot of attention from the creators after quite some time. Next month, Sword Art Online will be getting its newest feature film called Ordinal Scale. The movie's first screening was shown to a few chosen and lucky fans. While the movie, according to the fans, is a must-see for SAO fans, it was the ultra-short announcement at the end of the movie's screening that has the fans even more excited. Evidently, the announcement was about the third season of Sword Art Online.

Sword Art Online made its anime debut back in 2012. Thereafter, the fans had to wait for two years before the creators brought forth Season 2 of SAO. There were persistent rumors about Season 3 of SAO, but the creators and publishers, including the streaming platforms, did not make any official announcement.

'Sword Art Online' Season 3 Confirmed? 'Ordinal Scale' Movie End Credits Hint About Upcoming SAO Season
[Image by Reki Kawahara/Sword Art Online/Bandai Namco]

Interestingly, even though fans claim the third season of Sword Art Online is on its way, there's no official announcement yet. There's no official word from A-1 Pictures. Nonetheless, it is quite possible the official announcement could be made either before or during the Japanese release of Sword Art Online Movie - Ordinal Scale.


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The Japanese theatrical debut of Sword Art Online Movie: Ordinal Scale is slated for February 18 in Japan. Interestingly, creators have promised they are prepping the movie to contain English subtitles. Moreover, the movie with the subtitles will be released simultaneously. However, the movie will be released in North American theaters a little later. The creators of Ordinal Scale have confirmed that the movie will be released on March 8, but there are several events lined up starting at the beginning of next month.

'Sword Art Online' Season 3 Confirmed? 'Ordinal Scale' Movie End Credits Hint About Upcoming SAO Season
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Very little information about the latest season has been announced. As reported by the Inquisitr earlier, Sword Art Online Season 3 is likely to be based on the Alicization/Underworld light novels but that's strictly assuming Kawahara does not invent a new story for the anime. It is strongly believed that the only story material available for SAO Season 3 would be the Sword Art Online: Girls Ops stories.

The Season 3 is expected to explore the chemistry between Kirito and Asuna to even greater depths. Sword Art Online: Alicization Exploding was released in August of 2015. Unfortunately, fans are still left in the dark about what happens to Kirito and Asuna. Volume 17 of SAO could shed light on their situation. It is quite possible that SAO Season 3 anime may only cover a portion of the currently published Alicization story arc. With the release of Ordinal Scale approaching fast, it is quite possible that the creators could post a short video of the upcoming season of SAO.

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