Tyga, Kylie Jenner Wedding: Why The Rapper Allegedly Feels Ready To Propose

Tyga thinks it's time to take the next step in his relationship with Kylie Jenner, having reportedly asked momager, Kris Jenner, for her permission to marry the 19-year-old.

Hollywood Life claims that the family's recent trip to Costa Rica has been eventful, to say the least. While nobody had expected Tyga to come forward and share his feelings regarding his future with Kylie, the rapper felt it was important to tell Kris about his plans to eventually marry the socialite.

After all, the couple has already been together for three years now and things have never been as good as they have in recent months. Tyga is reportedly living with Jenner in her multi-million home located in Calabasas, and so far, it's only strengthened their relationship.

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Kylie has even made the effort in spending more time with Tyga's son, King Cairo, who she's formed a great bond with. When Blac Chyna went geared up for the birth of her child with Rob Kardashian, Kylie quickly stepped in and made it known she was more than happy to babysit Blac and Tyga's son, which meant the world to the "Faded" rapper.

It's only reassured him that marrying Kylie is definitely something he wants to do in the near future. Tyga doesn't see himself spending his life with anybody else but her. What he shares with Kylie is completely different to his previous relationship, which is why it only made sense for him to ask Kris Jenner about the potential chance of marrying her daughter.

"Tyga turned up the Costa Rican heat and asked Kris if he could marry Kylie when the time comes. He told Kris he loves Kylie and can't see himself being with anyone but her," a source tells the outlet.

The atmosphere out in Costa Rica seemed to have been so great that asking Kris Jenner for her permission to marry Kylie seemed rather fitting for Tyga, who has reportedly been thinking about proposing to the 19-year-old for months.

"Absolutely!" was Kris Jenner's response, the insider added. "Kylie was gushing and blushing at the same time when T asked her mother about marriage. She can't believe how sweet and honest T is and feels so lucky to have a man like him who's so serious about her."

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"Kylie and T's vacation has been nothing but magical and fun. They're so in love and they've been flaunting their feelings and joy for one another in front of the family."
Last year, when it was first claimed that Tyga had been thinking about marrying Kylie, Jenner's sisters were reportedly against the idea because of the fact that the twosome was constantly breaking up with one another, giving family members the impression that the romance wasn't serious.

Back in May, Kylie had called it quits with Tyga, before going on to confirm that she had started seeing rapper PartyNextDoor. That relationship surprisingly only lasted a month, as sources at the time claimed that Tyga still had feelings with Jenner and desperately wanted to be given another chance.

Kylie agreed that their relationship had so much more potential, but in order to make their romance work, she allegedly demanded that the father-of-one moves into her mansion in Calabasas. Jenner made it known that she didn't want to be just another girlfriend; if they were going to reconcile, they would have to take each other seriously.

Months have gone by since the Kardashians had allegedly stressed their concerns regarding Tyga's proposal plans, as revealed by Radar Online, but now that the couple shares a solid relationship, Kris Jenner has no fear about the rapper marrying her daughter. She's so much onboard with the idea that she has even offered to help with the wedding plans, the insider concluded.

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