Rob Kardashian Sickened By Blac Chyna Family Feud: Couple Banned From ‘KUWTK’?

Rob Kardashian has been feeling poorly lately, and from what sources have gathered, it’s all because of his family’s ongoing feud with Blac Chyna.

As revealed by Mirror, the Kardashians recently enjoyed a one-week vacation, having opted to take their camera crew with them to document their fun-filled adventures out in Costa Rica. But two people who were notably absent were Blac and Rob.

According to Hollywood Life, the 29-year-old sock designer was asked several times whether he wanted to go, but according to the outlet’s sources, Rob Kardashian refused since the invitation wasn’t extended to the mother of his child.

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There’s no denying that Blac and the likes of Kris Jenner don’t get along. The momager was said to have been furious after learning about the physical attack Blac allegedly performed on Rob during a heated argument back in December, resulting in the couple’s decision to briefly call it quits.

The fight was so intense that Kris’ boyfriend, Corey Gamble, had to intervene and separate Blac from Rob Kardashian, TMZ revealed at the time. From that day, sources say that the relationship Chyna shared with Rob’s family has not been the same. Things are so frosty that they even disinvited her from the Christmas party, last month, it was alleged.

And while Kardashian has tried to reason with his family that things have changed between him and Blac, Kris and her daughters are not budging. They respect the fact that the former stripper will always be in their lives, considering that Chyna shares a child with Rob, but they will not tolerate her on family vacations — it’s just not happening.

“Rob [Kardashian] has been sad and sick lately over the growing divide between him and the rest of his family,” the insider tells Hollywood Life.

“The sisters continue to go on family trips and film Keeping Up with the Kardashians without him. Even though Kris [Jenner] always reaches out to Rob and invites him on the family vacations, Rob simply does not feel comfortable or welcomed by the rest of the family.”

It was just over a month ago when reports claimed that Rob Kardashian’s siblings had urged him to dump Blac Chyna, stressing that he couldn’t remain in the relationship just because he shares a child with her.

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Khloe Kardashian, on the other hand, has been the least supportive regarding her brother’s recent feuds with Blac. The 32-year-old stressed that she had warned Rob about Chyna prior to his announcement that they were not only engaged but also expecting a baby together.

It’s gotten to the point where the family just wants Rob to figure his life out by himself, having tried to steer him in the right direction too many times in the past. They’ve accepted the fact that the TV star is quite the rebel, and if Kardashian doesn’t want to take their advice, he’ll just have to learn the hard way.

A source concluded by saying, “Rob feels like his sisters are constantly judging and trying to direct his life. The whole situation has Rob feeling isolated and apart from the rest of his very tight-knit family.”

With the way things are currently looking, it doesn’t seem as if Kris Jenner is willing to change her mind regarding her views on having Blac attend family events in the future.

While the entire family just wants peace, Rob Kardashian’s toxic relationship with Chyna makes it hard for his siblings to try and be around the couple, let alone being in the presence of Blac, who has shared public feuds with almost every Kardashian relative in the past.

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