Queen Elizabeth Insists Kate Middleton And Her Prince Cancel Valentine's Plans

Jessica Dafoe

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been keeping busy attending and planning for attendance at a number of events in upcoming months and are also preparing to make a move to London from their country home in Norfolk.

Th reason for the move is reportedly for various reasons, such as their children's schooling and also so they can begin to assist more in taking on more royal duties from Queen Elizabeth, who was quite ill recently and who is now in her 90th year.

— InStyle (@InStyle) January 28, 2017

".. the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are moving their family back to Kensington Palace from Norfolk, they are clearly not taking any chances. A team of gardeners and construction workers have begun planting an 820ft-long wall of conifers along the western side of the royal residence in London."

Celebrity Dirty Laundry relays details from a source about these latest claims.

"Reports say that the Duchess will be visiting a RAF base in Cambridgeshire on Valentine's Day. Kate will be visiting with air cadets from the Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing Air Training Corps. She'll even have a chance to fly a flight simulator during her visit. "

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"The week acts as an initial 'camp experience' for cadets who are in their first six months of membership. Her Royal Highness will join the cadets as they view a Tutor aircraft, and participate in a personal development training session."

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