Corinne Olympios Comes Clean About Her Over-The-Top Behavior On ‘The Bachelor’

Corinne Olympios is speaking out about her bad girl behavior on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. The 24-year-old Bachelor villain told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that viewers are seeing “a real side” of her on the ABC reality show, but that it’s not the only side.

Extra posted video of Corinne Olympios talking to DeGeneres about the current season of The Bachelor. Corinne gave the scoop on her promiscuous behavior as well as the true job description for her nanny Raquel. Olympios said that while viewers are seeing “the real me,” she added that there are “many other sides” to her personality.

“I’m an older sister,” Corinne said. “I run a business, I am an athlete, well, I work out every day. I have a trainer….I just, I think that you’ll see a lot more of Corinne as the season goes on.”

After several on-camera stunts that included nudity, whipped cream, and straddling Viall in a bounce house, Corinne Olympios did admit that she was “a little bit more promiscuous” than she thought would look on the show. But she also made it clear that she knows her limit when it comes to alcohol and that she never overindulged in the booze that’s provided to Bachelor contestants.

Olympios also set the record straight on the “nanny” that she previously claimed takes care of her at home in Florida. Earlier in the season, Corinne boasted that she has an in-home nanny named Raquel who cuts her cucumbers, does her laundry, and makes her bed.

“Raquel is, actually, she works with my family,” Olympios clarified to Ellen.

“She’s been with us for 18 years. She moved with us to Florida from New Jersey. She’s kind of like my everything. She raised my sister. She helped my mom through cancer. She’s just great. She’s part of our family. She’s not like my nanny, like my babysitter.”

Corinne went on to explain why she uses the word “nanny” to describe her family’s longtime employee.

“Nanny is kind of like a word that I use for her,” Corinne explained. “I have a lot of respect for her, and she’s kind of like a mother figure, so I don’t really like to say cleaning lady or housekeeper. ‘Nanny’ to me is a more ‘respectful’ word for her because I really do love her and she’s a very big part of my life.”

While Corinne Olympios says viewers are seeing the “real” her, an ex-boyfriend tells Us Weekly that she’s definitely amping things up for the cameras. Corinne’s former fling, Keith Berman, told Us that the TV version of Corinne is a bit of an “exaggerated representation” of her and that she’s “playing it up for TV.”

“They’re trying to portray her as some stupid girl, but she’s really not that dumb,” Berman said of Olympios. “She knows exactly what she’s doing.”

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Corinne’s former flame also said that she is “very aggressive” in real life, so a lot of her brazen behavior on The Bachelor is the real deal.

“She’s a very good-looking girl, and she’s just aggressive,” he said.

“She’s very aggressive, and when you’re that good-looking of a girl, and you’re aggressive… who’s going to turn a girl that looks like that down? She knows how to play up her sexiness. Nick is into it, and she knows.”

Berman also predicted that Olympios is setting herself up for a future role on a spinoff show like Bachelor in Paradise.

“She’s setting herself up,” he said. “Bachelor is going to invite her back for God knows what spinoff, Paradise and this and that. She’s got followers growing by the second, so she’s clearly doing something right.”

Take a look at the video below to see Corinne Olympios’ full interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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