Stephen King’s ‘It’ Photo Countdown Is Finished, And It’s Time For A Trailer

Stephen King fans and horror movie buffs are in luck, because we have some good news and some even better news, both concerning the upcoming movie adaptation of Stephen King’s It.

First, the good news: we now have on-set and in-costume photos of all seven members of The Losers club, the name claimed by the band of misfit children that star as the protagonists of Stephen King’s pop fiction masterpiece.

More on the better news further down, but here’s a hint: it involves the movie’s first trailer.

Stephen Kings It Movie Cast Trailer Countdown
For those familiar with King's work, the phrase 'We all float down here' should ring a bell. [Image by ZombieSylvie/Flickr]

Barbara Muschietti, who is producing the film, has spent the last week counting down the “Losers” on her Instagram account. Each day, she has posted an in-costume photo of one of them, and she has just finished up with Richie “Trashmouth” Tozier.

Last Thursday, Muschietti, who is a Stephen King reader herself, shared an image of Bill Denbrough, who is being played by Jaeden Wesley. It is the only one of the bunch of photos where you cannot actually see the character’s face and also the only one where you can see the film crew in the background. It looks like the Bill in the shot is standing in the basement of the house on Neibolt Street.

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The next day’s photo was of Mike Hanlon, who is played by Chosen Jacobs and assumes the important role of keeping Stephen King’s “Losers Club” grounded.

Next came Eddie Kaspbrak, played by Jack D. Grazer. Eddie is a bit of a hypochondriac (a trait instilled by his mother) and adds important emotional weight to Stephen King’s novel.

Fourth came Ben “Haystack” Hanscomb, played by Jeremy Ray Taylor. Ben weighs quite a bit and Stephen King makes it clear he struggles with that fact during his childhood.

Stanley Uris, played by Wyatt Oleff, was fifth. Stan is one of the only notably Jewish characters Stephen King has even written, and his religion is responsible for a big part of his identity.

Loser number six was Sophia Lillis as Beverly Marsh, the group’s resident tomboy.

Finally, just last night, we got the last of the group: Richie Tozier, played by Finn Wolfhard. Richie, an important comic relief character in Stephen King’s tome, will probably be the most recognizable Loser to most people, as Wolfhard played Mike in the recent hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

We are now done with each of the Losers. What’s left? A photo of Pennywise, Stephen King’s antagonist? Have we been counting down to something? Well, that brings us to the “better news” mentioned above: it looks like we might be getting an actual trailer for the movie either today or tomorrow.

Members of the Stephen King Reddit community have noticed Muschietti’s recent Instagram activity and have gotten busy trying to decipher it. Partly because Muschietti’s own comments on her photos hint cryptically at an upcoming trailer and partly because it just makes sense, the Stephen King mega-fans have come to the conclusion that the photos were probably a kind of countdown to a trailer.

It was also pointed out that the adaptation of Stephen King’s It is being produced by the same company as Rings, a horror flick coming out tomorrow. It stands to reason that with this countdown having just wrapped and another big horror movie from the same company about to drop, an It trailer will be included in the opening previews. It would certainly be a lovely gift for Stephen King’s dedicated followers just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Stephen Kings It Movie Cast Trailer Countdown
A London street performer impersonatin Pennywise, the story's antogonist, as depicted by Tim Curry in the 1990 made-for-TV miniseries adaptation of 'It.'

The movie will actually be split into two parts, since Stephen King’s novel is very long — the original version clocks in at 1,138 pages. The first part, which will focus on what happened during the childhoods of the main characters, is due out on September 8. The second part, although already announced, does not have a date attached yet.

Are you excited for the new adaptation? In terms of appearance, how does this group of Losers stack up to what you saw in the 1990 TV miniseries adaptation of Stephen King’s It? And most importantly, will we really be seeing a trailer this week? Make yourself heard in the comments below.

And as always, Long Days and Pleasant Nights, Stephen King fans.

[Featured Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]