Chris Brown Shoots Down Rumors Of Rihanna Relationship

Chris Brown has shot down all rumors that he and Rihanna are dating during a recent radio interview, echoing what his ex-girlfriend stated during an interview on Thursday night.

Brown’s denial of the rumors surrounding him and Rihanna come despite mounting speculation that the two stars are trying to rekindle their tumultuous relationship, reports Contact Music.

Brown was charged with felony assault for a February 2009 rampage that left Rihanna with bruises all over her face. Brown responded to the question about the recent rumors, simply saying, “No. And that’s just quick, a quick answer.”

The duo are heading back to the studio together to record the track “Nobodies Business” off of Rihanna’s upcoming album Unapologetic. While the duet is fueling the rumors that Chris Brown and Rihanna may be rekindling their relationship, both stars seem quick to set the record straight.

The pair split immediately after Brown beat Rihanna up the night before the Grammy Awards and have mostly kept their distance from each other, until recently. The Examiner notes, however:

“… with all the denials of late there still is all the mystery, and [secretive] meeting, dates, casual kisses that always seem to get caught by the watchful eyes of the paparazzi, and then there is Christ Brown and Rihanna’s secret code Twitter posts that [are] continuously trying to be deciphered.”

The question of whether or not Rihanna and Chris Brown are dating again will not likely be answered soon. There will likely be other rumors for the pair to shoot down before/if they ever do get back together.

Do you think that Chris Brown and Rihanna are dating again, or are they correct to shoot down rumors that they might be?