Kylie Jenner Proves She’s Mastered Showcasing Her Booty In Latest Photo

Kylie Jenner shared her outfit of the day on Wednesday and with it an interesting pose. The 19-year-old is seen in grey sweats and snakeskin-like boots as she strikes a pose that puts her most ample asset on display: her booty.

The Kardashians’ youngest sister is known for her strategic poses when it comes to sharing photos with fans, and this one was no different. The raven-haired beauty squats down with one leg straight and the other slightly bent as she’s sure to make her behind the most prominent feature in the photo. And she sure did succeed.

It’s hard not to notice Kylie’s tiny waist compared to her bootylicious backside as she seemingly knows how to work her curves in each photo. Jenner also shared an image focused on her backside a few weeks ago as she modeled a new Juicy Couture tracksuit. Once again, the emphasis is on her waist to butt ratio as the pose makes Kylie’s booty look prominent. However, the pose is anything but natural.

The cosmetics mogul sits on the edge of a couch with one leg standing and the other tucked beneath her body in a pose purposely executed to accentuate her curves.

It’s not just body positions that Kylie has mastered either, Bustle dedicated an article to exploring her mirror selfies as Kylie seems to always know just how to pose.

“Little sister Kylie Jenner, known for her mirror selfies, is quite possibly the best selfie taker of the bunch.”

The article claims Kylie has a signature selfie stance as she masters the art of taking photos of herself.

“The reason that Jenner, who is often Kim K’s doppelgänger, is so good at selfies is because she has a definable signature — and that’s her mirror selfie stance.”

And it seems this art has transitioned into knowing how to flaunt her curves on demand as she continues to share bodacious photos of her boobs and butt. Bustle also gave readers some tips on how to take the perfect selfie inspired by Kylie. These tips include looking over your shoulder and the “suck and tuck,” which is when Kylie sucks in her stomach and rolls her shoulders back. Of course, this makes her appear thinner and with fuller cleavage.

A writer for BuzzFeed recreated some of Jenner’s Instagram photos and stated it was not very fun. One can only imagine how posing like the teen could be quite uncomfortable as some of the poses are not natural looking in the least bit. The author states Kylie’s life is manufactured for Instagram, which makes sense given it’s her main source of marketing for her Kylie Cosmetics line and new Kylie Jenner Shop merchandise.

“But I also know that this life cannot be possibly be that attainable to the average mortal aka ME. So in an effort to see just how manufactured or posed her life on Instagram was, I RE-CREATED THEM.”

In one photo, the author tries to recreate Jenner’s pose while lounging in a bikini. Of course, Kylie looks amazing, but it’s also noticeable she’s arching her back and sucking in her tummy for the photo. Given this unnatural pose, the BuzzFeed writer felt totally awkward attempting the pose.

“This pose was pretty difficult to re-create. I’m not sure if you’ve ever laid on concrete while arching your back before, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not that comfortable.”

By the end of the article, the writer states the poses weren’t only awkward and hard to achieve, but also uncomfortable.

“She, like any talented teen, makes her poses look effortless. But it took me at least 17 tries to master this pose and I didn’t even nail it.”

To conclude, the writer titles the last pose the “Literally No One Stands Naturally Like This Pose.” But while all of Kylie’s poses seem so impossible, the teen keeps coming up with new ones as she tries to appear curvier in her posts.

[Featured Image by Loreen Sarkis/Getty Images]