UFO News: Skeptics Weigh In As NASA Gets Caught Red-Handed With Flying Saucer

An image from Google Earth has managed to spark the interest of prominent UFO hunters worldwide, as an object that appears to be a flying saucer was spotted parked close to a NASA facility in Pasadena, California. The object, which was silver and circular in appearance, was found at the end of the facility's runway, close to the space firm's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Inasmuch as the object is extremely interesting, however, there might be a pretty logical explanation for the cryptic so-called flying saucer.

The mysterious object was first spotted in Google Earth by UFO hunter Name Shame of YouTube. The uploaded video has attracted a lot of attention so far, with prominent and vocal UFO hunter Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily lauding the discovery for showing a legitimate alien spacecraft, according to the Express.

"Here is an eyebrow-raising discovery found on Google Earth map by Youtube user Name Shame. He found an actual flying saucer parked near the secret military laboratory on the mountain top. This disk is low to the ground. So much so that it doesn't cast a shadow, even when the nearby car does. So this disk is about three meters big at its center, and about 1.5 meters at its edge from the ground."
A recent UFO sighting appeared to show a flying saucer parked just outside a NASA facility's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
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The UFO hunter further remarked that the object, when viewed from Google Earth's archives, appear to be moving around in the facility. Apart from this, Waring also found it extremely interesting that the strange silver disc was not casting any shadow on the ground, in stark contrast to a couple of cars in the same area.

"Now, the amazing thing is that if you hit the date bar, you can view photos of the same area in the past, and this disk moves around from place to place. It's in the perfect position where no one would be able to see it since it's on a hilltop at the highest point in the city with mountain walls on all sides and a military fence around the facility. As you can see, it's on a road track that goes into the building, then later it's off the track hidden near the bushes."
While the discovery of the strange silver disc in the NASA facility's runway has managed to convince numerous believers that the object was really an alien spacecraft, numerous skeptics have weighed in on the matter. According to critics, the explanation for the alleged flying saucer is far less remarkable than what UFO believers have so far suggested.

Aliens and UFOs have managed to capture the interest of millions of people for decades.
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A Metro report stated that Nigel Watson, a UFO expert and the author of the acclaimed UFO Investigations Manual, believes that the recent Google Earth find is not of extraterrestrial origin at all. Watson further stated that if NASA does have an alien spacecraft in its possession, the agency would not be leaving it out in the open for Google Earth's satellites to take a photo of it. After all, such technology would most likely be kept in secret by the United States government.

"I doubt this is a captured extraterrestrial flying saucer, more likely it is a structure or vehicle that has a flying saucer shape. Secondly, why would they leave it out in the open to be spotted by the likes of Google Earth?"
Yet another critic of the alleged alien find has emerged in the form of hoax-busting group UFO of Interest, which posted a tweet containing what could be an explanation behind the strange silver disc on the Google Earth photo. According to the UFO hoax-busting group, the strange disc might simply be a part of the NASA facility's 3000-foot range that is capable of holding a massive antenna.
Netizens have so far been split with regard to the recent UFO find, with some stating that the object might really be of extraterrestrial origin and others simply brushing the image off as something that could easily be explained. Watson, for his part, believes that the recent find, as well as its subsequent fallout, is yet another example of people's tendency to see things that are not really there.
"Seeing strange anomalies on Google seems to be the latest craze that is rivaling the spotting of buildings, animals, and artifacts in images broadcast from the Moon and Mars, or watching the live images from the International Space Station to get a glimpse of UFOs. In most of these instances, we see what we look for."
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