Johnny Depp Allegedly Going Bankrupt Is Nothing New Among Hollywood Celebrities

Johnny Depp bankruptcy rumors may not be so surprising seeing how much the actor spends on so many expensive things. What may surprise some people is that a lot of celebrities like Depp struggle to stay afloat financially.

According to Pakistan Today, the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been spending a lot since 2000. They said Depp spends at least $2 million a month, and he allots $300,000 of that amount to purchase wine.

Pakistan Today also said that Johnny Depp spent $18 million on a yacht as well as $75 million on 14 houses, which comprised of a French chateau, mansions in Hollywood, island getaways in the Bahamas, penthouse lofts in L.A., and a large horse farm in Kentucky.

In addition to that, the Black Mass star purchased 45 luxury cars and some private planes, and he even employs a staff of 40 people.

If that wasn’t enough, Johnny Depp’s rumored bankruptcy woes shouldn’t be a surprise since he even spent $3 million just to shoot Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon.

Thompson and Depp have been good friends when the writer was still alive and Depp even portrayed one of the writer’s characters when he starred in a film adaptation of The Rum Diary, one of Hunter S. Thompson’s novels.

Johnny Depp with Hunter S. Thomspon
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When asked about Thompson’s strange wish to be sent off on a cannon, Depp said, “All I’m doing is trying to make sure his last wish comes true, I just want to send my pal out the way he wants to go out.”

But all of these over-the-top spending has resulted to Johnny Depp going bankrupt, and according to The Management Group (TMG), the firm that guided Depp in his finances and who is now suing him for an unpaid loan, they warned him several times before to curb his lavish spending.

TMG said that they have tried their best to protect Depp from going bankrupt and they even tried to help him protect his image. The firm’s lawsuit came about when they gave the actor a “multimillion-dollar loan” to escape an embarrassing situation.

Johnny Depp’s alleged bankruptcy woes started when he asked for a huge loan before. When the bank demanded for the repayment, he couldn’t gather enough funds to make it. TMG stepped in and gave the actor the money to settle the debt so as to keep his financial situation under tight wraps from the public.

Now the firm that used to work for Depp is suing the actor for not settling his $4.2 million debt to them and they are launching a foreclosure on the actor’s properties.

But Depp is singing a different tune and he is accusing TMG of mismanaging his finance. The actor has filed a $25 million lawsuit against his former firm. He said that the firm that was supposed to keep him abreast of his financial situation neglected to apprise him of what he has left. He also said on his lawsuit that the firm took out several loans without his approval.

Johnny Depp’s rumored bankruptcy woes may be of his own doing, but if that’s true, at least he’s not alone in his dire situation. Here are a few other celebrities who went bankrupt just last year.


Joining in Johnny Depp’s rumored bankruptcy troubles is rapper Tyga, who also experienced serious financial setbacks last year. According to ET, the musician had to settle a debt with his landlord because the musician neglected to pay his dues regularly.

In addition to that, the rapper was also unable to make his lease payments on a Range Rover, which was supposed to be for his mother. According to TMZ, Tyga planned on giving the vehicle to his mother but his failure to make the payments on the lease forced proper authorities to repossess his car.


Another rapper joined in Johnny Depp’s rumored bankruptcy woes after failing to manage his finances wisely. Nelly, the rapper who struck gold with the song “Hot In Herre,” has been struggling to keep afloat last year when news came out that he owes over $2 million in federal taxes.

TMZ learned of the rapper’s financial troubles, and according to them, Nelly owes $149,511 in state taxes in addition to his federal taxes. Fortunately for the rapper, some of his fans launched a campaign to save him from crippling debts.

Teresa Giudice

The star of reality series The Real Housewives of New Jersey has truly fallen on hard financial times seeing that she was recently imprisoned for fraud. And even though she has been released from prison, her husband, Joe, will still have to serve his sentence, making it difficult for them to bounce back on their feet.

Fortunately, E! News said that Giudice’s bankruptcy settlement was approved by the courts late last year, helping the reality TV star get closer to ending her financial woes.

Hopefully, Johnny Depp’s rumored bankruptcy troubles will soon be a thing of the past for him as well.

Johnny Depp bankrupt woes
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