New TLC Show Coming ‘Brother Husbands’: Will This Be A Series?

There is a new special coming to TLC called Brother Husbands. This show is going to remind the viewers of Sister Wives. On Brother Husbands, viewers will meet one woman who has two husbands. Starcasm shared the details about this new special and if it will actually become a series or what the plan is for the show. It will air this upcoming Sunday after a new episode of Sister Wives on TLC

The polygamist family from Brother Husbands is Amanda and her two husbands. She is married to Chad and Jeremy. They have five children total, including a set of triplets that are just 1-year-old. You can assume this keeps them pretty busy even though there are three parents. It does seem like a polygamist situation on Brother Husbands, but the description for the show sounds like it is more of a bit of polyamory. Here is the description of Brother Husbands.

“Amanda has a very full love life with not one, but two husbands, and navigates a polyamorous relationship with both of them and their five children.”

The older two children on Brother Husbands belong to Chad. Jeremy is the father of the younger triplets. Amanda and Chad have been together over eight years and married for about half of that time. Jeremy joined the family a few years later. The idea of Brother Husbands is something that Sister Wives fans have teased about for years and it is actually going to be airing now.


The family on Brother Husbands is nothing like what you see on Sister Wives, though. They are totally different. Amanda has already been on another reality show as well. She was seen on the TBS reality competition series King of the Nerds! It is unknown if this has anything to do with her being discovered for the show Brother Husbands.

This family is already very open about the life that they live. They aren’t like Sister Wives where coming on reality television will be the way that they reveal what is going on with them. They haven’t been shy about it at all. There is very little information out about the family from Brother Husbands and how they live their life, though.

Recently, TLC has been airing a different special every single Sunday night. The show Meet the Putmans was a special and was a great hit. The Inquisitr shared already that this show may end up being more than just one special. It was basically shared by the family that it would all depend on how the ratings were and if the viewers embraced the show if it would end up coming back as a series instead of just as a one-time special.

As you can see in the Twitter post below, reaching out to the network does help you out some. If you end up loving the show Brother Husbands, then this will be the best way to help get it to be a series and not just a special. Everyone is going to have to wait and see what ends up happening for this show, but you do not want to miss the one-hour special Sunday night on TLC.


What do you think of the new show Brother Husbands? Do you feel like this will become a series? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss the special Brother Husbands when it airs on TLC on Sunday night.

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