Trump Tweets About Topless Kate Will Make Visit With Queen Uncomfortable

President Donald Trump might find that his reception to Buckingham Palace might be a bit chillier than he expected, because the queen and the royal family have not forgotten about Donald Trump’s tweets chastising Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, sunbathing topless back in 2012 on private property. The comments seem particularly hypocritical considering that his wife, Melania, did some nude modeling in the past, which Trump has called art.

Queen Elizabeth and the Windsors are no strangers to scandal, including some which have been rekindled by the new Netflix series The Crown, says the Inquisitr. In Season 1 of The Crown, Princess Elizabeth becomes Queen Elizabeth, all because her Uncle David abdicated the throne because the woman he wanted to marry had been divorced twice. Since then, there have been several divorces and rumors of affairs, but Queen Elizabeth has gotten through all of it.


It seems that Donald Trump’s epic tweets predate the election, because back in 2012, he took it upon himself to reprimand the future Queen of England about sunbathing topless on private property, says Mashable.

“Kate Middleton is great–but she shouldn’t be sunbathing in the nude–only herself to blame. Who wouldn’t take Kate’s picture and make lots of money if she does the nude sunbathing thing. Come on Kate!”

President Trump should know that that’s Duchess or Princess Kate to him when he bows down, but it sounds like the family might not be available on the day the Trumps visit.


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The British Prime Minister Theresa May just made a visit to Washington, D.C., in advance of the first state trip of the Trump administration to the United Kingdom, which reportedly went well.


The Independent says that the Kate Middleton tweets are only one fire that needs tending to, as President Trump is supposed to attend a banquet with Queen Elizabeth, and he is supposed to stay overnight at Buckingham Palace. Trump lecturing a royal about proper behavior was just the start, but allegedly, the Trump advance team has “warned” Prince Charles not to lecture the president on climate change, which is one of the prince’s pet projects.

Last Friday, Prime Minister Theresa May extended an invitation to President Trump on behalf of Queen Elizabeth.

“I have today been able to convey Her Majesty the Queen’s hope that President Trump and the First Lady would pay a state visit to the United Kingdom later this year. I’m delighted he’s accepted that invitation.”

But the Huffington Post says that a Trump state visit is putting Queen Elizabeth in a very uncomfortable position, as the people she represents are signing petitions, and taking to the streets to tell her that they don’t want the Trumps to visit, despite a close relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.

Lord Ricketts, the former head of the Foreign Office, said that he believes it would have been much smarter for Theresa May to let things quiet down before inviting the Trumps for a visit, as 1.7 million people have signed a petition against the Trump visit.

“It would have been far wiser to wait to see what sort of president he would turn out to be before advising the Queen to invite him. Now the Queen is put in a very difficult position.”

Protesters have taken to the streets with signs, calling out Donald Trump and Theresa May.

“We will stand up to Trump, unlike our Prime Minister!”


The Obamas had a friendly relationship with the British royals, especially the younger members of the family, but only time will tell if the Trumps and the Windsors can find common ground.

Do you think that President Trump visiting Buckingham Palace will ever happen? Do you believe Prince Charles should be allowed to speak about climate change?

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