Jamie Otis And Doug Hehner Expecting Rainbow Baby After Traumatic Miscarriage

Married at First Sight couple Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis had a traumatic 2016, but now 2017 is looking bright as the couple just announced Jamie’s second pregnancy. Doug and Jamie lost their first son when Jamie was four months pregnant. After losing their baby, Hehner and Otis named their son Jonathan Edward. Now six months later, Jamie is expecting once again.

Us Weekly shared the news of Jamie’s pregnancy. Ironically, Jamie and Doug found out about their new baby-to-be December 20, which was her original due date with Jonathan. Jamie shared the following about finding out she was pregnant. “It was this day that we were dreading. Then I take a test and get a confirmed positive.” The way Jamie told Doug is precious. Jamie said, “It was a picture of us. On the side there was a message from the baby saying, ‘Dear Daddy, my big brother Johnny said he was due to be here with you today, but since he couldn’t be, he sent me instead.”

Jamie and Doug celebrated quietly at home. They cried tears of joy for their new baby, along with tears of sorrow for Jonathan. The new baby is due this summer on August 24. Jamie shared that she and Doug will be doing a gender reveal on March 10. Otis thinks that she may be having another baby boy.

Jamie took to her Instagram account to share the news and a few pictures as well. Along with a precious photo with colorful balloons, an ultrasound photo and a sign that reads “Hand picked for Earth by my brother in Heaven,” Jamie shared the news.

“We are PREGNANT!!! Our sweet Baby Hehner is due this August. Of course I share so much more about our little #rainbowbaby with you all on my blog. (Jamie Otis.com/all-things-Jamie ) @people put the sweetest tribute together for our first born son – Johnathan. We love him so much and are so happy to know he’s looking down from Heaven taking care of his little sister/brother. ❤️ Thank you @people, for honoring our first born while we celebrate this amazing miracle.???? Link in bio. #pregnant #preggers #overjoyed#babylove PS forgive me for my unbuttoned jeans. I’m at that awkward stage where I don’t quite fill out maternity jeans but I definitely don’t fit in my regular clothes.???????????????????? #sohappy.”

Jamie also took to her blog to share more of her feelings and why she chose to announce her pregnancy to the world at only ten weeks along. Jamie said,”Doug and I are beyond thankful and excited for this new little miracle growing inside me. We feel so blessed and honored and excited and proud and ahh, so many feelings!”

Otis went on to say, “I’d be lying if I didn’t add that we are also a bit fearful of losing our sweet little peanut, but we are choosing happiness and excitement over fear.”

So why did Jamie and Doug tell the world early? Jamie says she wants to see the golden rule of waiting until after 12 weeks to be broken. She says, “Reason one being I am so overly excited for my sweet little peanut who is growing in my belly. I cannot keep our amazing rainbow baby secret any longer! Reason number two: for every women who has ever had to suffer from a loss alone and for all the women who will go through the excruciating pain of losing her baby in secrecy in the future. I pray you have an abundance of love, comfort, and support surrounding you.”

Jamie is 10 weeks along and so far there are zero complications. While she and Doug are still a little nervous, they are choosing to celebrate their miracle and be happy. Congrats to Jamie and Doug on their rainbow baby. Stay tuned for more updates from Jamie as she continues through her pregnancy.

[Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for FYI Network]