Beyonce Pregnant 2017: Queen Bey To The Rescue As The World Burns [Opinion]

Finally, after all the Beyonce pregnancy 2017 rumors, gossip, and Ouija board sessions on social media, Queen Bey is with child — and as a bonus, Beyonce and Jay Z are reportedly pregnant with twins. To that, I say, thank you Beyoncé Knowles for saving the world from itself — just when we needed this kind of feel good news the most.

I think it’s only fair to point out that I’m not trying to put a political spin on Beyonce getting pregnant in 2017 — far from it. Rather, the news that ‘Yonce is pregnant and going to be a mommy to two more babies is a blessing in disguise.


If you have a pulse, you have probably been following along with all the latest upheavals since Donald Trump took the White House and the Obamas waved goodbye for the last time on Marine One (aka Special Mission when the sitting prez is not aboard, or something like that).

Can we all agree that 2017 has gotten off to a rough start? And at the forefront of all the Orwellian-end-of-days apocalyptic fear and chatter is President Trump. So, you say, “what does Beyonce being pregnant in 2017 have to do with what’s happening in the White House and beyond?”

I’m glad you asked.

TMZ broke the news after Beyonce posted a message on Instagram that announced her pregnancy with twins. And as Mrs. Carter does, she capped the special moment with her first gift to the world: a photo of her baby bump. A pregnant Beyonce posed in a mosquito net that was repurposed as a veil of some sort. The pregnancy pic looked like a throwback to the ’70s or ’80s, but that’s part of her creativity.

And just like that, the world went bonkers. According to an Inquisitr report, after Beyonce dropped the bombshell on social media, her Instagram received over 2 million “likes” within 60 minutes. A check of Google Trends showed similar results.

Just a look at Twitter provides plenty of proof that Beyonce and Jay Z’s pregnancy news is not just some run-of-the-mill everyday news about another celeb getting knocked up in 2017. That’s not to say that Beyonce is today’s version of the Greek goddesses Aphrodite.

However, since I mentioned the possibility, let’s play along, shall we?

After taking a peek from this guide, my guess is that if Beyonce could be compared to any goddess, it would have to be Eos. She was revered for her beauty and was the goddess who represented the dawn of a new day.

For a fleeting moment, I considered the goddess Themis because she represented “divine justice, order and customs.” Furthermore, she had the gift of prophecy.

Then, I thought that comparison would be too “Trumpian” (e.g. “law and order, travel ban aka Muslim ban aka immigration ban aka “extreme vetting,” and his conservative agenda). Nope, Beyonce is no Themis, to be sure.


We’re conflating the truth if we think the world of today is not wrought with political conjecture in anything we do.

Sadly, everything has been reduced to what side of the aisle are you on, and partisan news seem to dominate the media more so than ever before.

And then, there’s news that Beyonce is pregnant in 2017 with twin babies — news that offers some semblance of peace from what’s been a white-knuckle experience.

In one fell swoop, the search term Beyonce pregnant 2017 became an omen (the good kind) for a country encroaching on division. In one Instagram post, Beyonce reminded the world of her emblematic power to impact emotions and outlooks.

Queen Bey has been notoriously silent on many social issues that often depend on a voice of reason to filter through the minutia, the reverberating noise. And then, just like that, Beyonce slaps us all in the face and punches us all in the mouth with news that she’s pregnant in 2017 — the Year of the Rooster, the year Barack and Michelle waved goodbye and Trump was next up at bat.

In 2017, Beyonce is pregnant with twins, and for a moment, the only thing you can hear is silence and a subtle reminder that you’re breathing.

Yes, you do have a pulse — and somehow, I believe the world will be fine, just fine.

[Featured Image by JStone/Shutterstock]