Samsung Galaxy S8: USA Release Date, AirPod-Killing Headset, Beast Mode And More

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is set to arrive in a couple of months, and fans of the popular device are more hyped than ever. With new leaks and reports emerging from numerous analysts and reports, the upcoming flagship smartphone is slowly taking shape. With recent rumors in mind, it would appear that the Galaxy S8 would not only be a powerhouse handset, but it would also feature some very interesting accessories as well.

The Galaxy S8’s release date has been the subject of numerous rumors for months now, with initial speculations pointing to a possible MWC 2017 reveal, just like its predecessor, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. As recently confirmed by Samsung, however, the Galaxy S8 would not be making an appearance at the event, according to a report by The Express. Instead, the Galaxy S8 would have a whole event dedicated to its launch, which is expected to happen late March.

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This does not mean that the Galaxy S8 would not be mentioned by Samsung in the MWC, however. Considering the hype for the device, there is a pretty good chance that the South Korean tech giant would be releasing a brief teaser for the upcoming flagship during this year’s Mobile World Congress, to generate further interest around the device. Considering that recent speculations point to the Galaxy S8 being released sometime in April, a couple of weeks after an official launch in March, a teaser debut for MWC definitely makes a lot of sense.

Once the Samsung Galaxy S8 debuts, speculations are high that the device would see a USA and worldwide release date around April 14. While this projected release date is a bit later than usual, the delay is allegedly due to Samsung’s additional safety checks for the powerhouse device, in order to avoid any Note 7-like fiascos from happening again. While the official release date has not been confirmed by the South Korean tech giant, it seems safe to assume that the Galaxy S8 would see a USA and worldwide release date no later than April 2017.

The Galaxy S8’s internals has been emerging in the rumor mill ever since its predecessor came out, and speculations about the device’s specs have been pretty encouraging so far. Processor-wise, Samsung is expected to implement the same strategy that it utilized with the Galaxy S7, releasing the flagship with a Snapdragon chip in some areas and an Exynos processor in others. As for the actual chip that would be used in the device, speculations are high that the Galaxy S8 would come equipped with a Snapdragon 835, a powerful, energy-efficient mobile processor that was developed in tandem by Samsung and Qualcomm.

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Samsung’s flagship smartphones have never really been lacking in terms of raw power, and the Galaxy S8 is rumored to follow this tradition. A Trusted Reviews report has stated that recently it was found that Samsung has trademarked the term “Beast Mode” for its devices. With the feature not being introduced in any of the tech giant’s existing handsets, speculations are high that the Galaxy S8 would debut the feature. While the specifics of the Galaxy S8’s Beast Mode have not been confirmed, numerous fans of the device believe that the setting would enable the flagship smartphone to perform at optimum levels.

Perhaps most interesting, however, are recent rumors about the Galaxy S8’s accessories. According to a leak from journalist Roland Quandt, Samsung would be introducing a new pair of advanced wireless headphones that would rival Apple’s questionably designed and notably expensive AirPods. These AirPod killers are speculated to be far more attractive and far more affordable than the wireless headphones from Apple. Quandt further stated that Samsung’s upcoming wireless headphones would come equipped with active noise-cancellation, together with a number of other interesting features.

Overall, 2017 appears to be a year of innovations in the mobile market. With Apple set to release the all-important iPhone 8 and Samsung on the brink of releasing the powerful Galaxy S8, this year might very well host the biggest rivalry in the mobile world to date. With the recent Galaxy S8 rumors and possible release dates in mind, however, Samsung might very well be the one to draw first blood.

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