New Wrestlemania Plans Revealed For HHH And Samoa Joe After Seth Rollins’ Injury

As of this writing, we don’t know if Seth Rollins will be medically cleared to compete at Wrestlemania 33, so WWE has been forced to make backup plans for Triple H, Samoa Joe, and the rest of the card if Rollins can’t wrestle on the grandest stage of them all. Seth has only been back on WWE television for eight months since his initial knee injury, but he’s in danger of missing a lot of time and his second straight Wrestlemania.

Originally, Seth Rollins vs. Triple H was the plan for the grandest stage of them all in Orlando and had been for several months. WWE officials had been holding off The Game’s return to WWE television because they didn’t want to peak too early. The night after the Royal Rumble‘PPV seemed to be a great time. WWE had laid out a great plan that also brought Samoa Joe into the mix, which the WWE Universe was thrilled about.

The progression of the feud heading into WWE FastLane wasn’t made clear, but the expectation was Samoa Joe would have kept Seth Rollins busy at the PPV and for the next two months until the time was right for Rollins to finally face Triple H on the grandest stage of them all. Rollins reinjuring his knee during Raw this past week has obviously thrown a massive monkey wrench into WWE’s plans, and they have to be prepared.

Seth Rollins Still Demands Retirubtion For Trilpe Hs Actions
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It’s being reported that WWE held a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the situation with Seth Rollins and to prepare for the worst case scenario. While WWE officials were having this meeting, the man in question was undergoing tests on his knee and was active on social media to update the WWE Universe about his current condition. Rollins may be able to compete at Wrestlemania, but that can’t be confirmed until another time.

However, WWE officials need to be prepared if Rollins isn’t cleared to compete in Orlando in a couple of months. They have to scramble to get new creative plans for Raw, which means recreating storylines for Samoa Joe only a few days after his official main roster debut, and potentially finding another opponent for Triple H at Wrestlemania 33. After the meeting on Wednesday, WWE officials have a few ideas thus far.

Originally, Samoa Joe was headed to SmackDown to begin a feud with John Cena, which would have likely culminated in a dream match at Wrestlemania. WWE officials made the decision to move Joe to Raw and start a feud with Rollins, which would have worked well. If Rollins is hurt, WWE is considering Cena vs. Joe again despite it being reported just yesterday that John Cena would be in a tag team match with Nikki Bella.

Seth Rollins Injury Has Changed Everything
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After taking out Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe looks really dangerous. It’s not exactly how WWE officials wanted him to get over as a top heel, but they can use Rollins’ injury to build Joe. The rivalry with Cena would come with a move to SmackDown, but WWE officials are also considering a feud between Samoa Joe and Triple H for Wrestlemania if they decide to keep the former on Raw. Either way, Samoa Joe is their top priority.

On the other hand, Triple H finding a new opponent is more difficult because the feud with Rollins has been building for so long. At this point, WWE has already planned most matches for Wrestlemania, so they may have to think outside the box for The Game if he’s going to wrestle in Orlando. It was reported recently that HHH might be thinking about retirement, so it’s plausible that he just may not wrestle at Wrestlemania at all.

Seth Rollins’ injury has caused quite the stir for WWE and the WWE Universe. It’s not just about Rollins vs. Triple H being canceled at Wrestlemania, but we don’t know how long the former will be out of action. If he misses significant time again, all the great work he’s done this year is kaput. It’s an unfortunate part of the business, but WWE will have to roll with whatever Seth’s health status is because that will determine everything going forward.

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