Trevor Noah Mocks Donald Trump And His Immigration Ban On ‘The Daily Show’

Trevor Noah was on fire Tuesday evening during The Daily Show.

“With all the people taking to the streets to protest President Trump’s de facto Muslim ban, a lot of people have been asking the question, “Where are the Democrats in all of this? And why aren’t they saying anything? Well, last night Nancy Pelosi held a rally in front of the Supreme Court to help us understand why.”

Noah then showed a video of Pelosi trying to get the sound working, but she couldn’t. Nobody could hear her. Noah showed it as a metaphor to convey how things are similar in the country.

“Is this thing working? Is it? I’m talking about democracy as a whole,” Noah continued, as the audience laughed. He then compared Nancy’s “performance” to Mariah’s on New Year’s Eve.

Noah then said he shouldn’t be laughing since it was rude of him to make fun of the Democrats before giving the president a chance. And give the president a chance he did.

He pointed to a childish tweet that Trump sent out to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat party and then noted how sad it was because Trump is actually the president.


“This tweet is now a government record…That means some guy at the Smithsonian is preserving that tweet in plastic next to the Gettysburg address,” Noah said, joking that kids are going to have to learn that someday in school.

Donald Trump's latest actions have irritated Trevor Noah. [Photo by Ty Wright/Getty Images]

Noah then went on to list Trump’s list of non-accomplishments during his first week in office: inauguration lies, popular vote conspiracies, cardboard cake, forgetting to mention Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day, and his recent immigration and refugee ban.

Noah showed a video of Trump claiming that his immigration and refugee executive order was working out nicely. The Daily Show host went on to claim that either Donald Trump is being nice, or he is managing our expectations of him.

Next, a video was shown where chaos erupted at several airports throughout the United States.

“How do you see that and think everything is okay?” Noah asked.

A couple days back, CNET noted the chaos that was taking place at the airports, despite Trump claiming everything was working out okay.

Airports were unusually lively over the weekend.

“People were rushing to get out, lawyers were rushing to get in. It seemed as if there was a lot more going on than meeting and greeting.”

The article added that the temporary ban on visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries and refugees from anywhere else in the world didn’t quite go as planned.

Trump's travel ban caused nationwide protests
Trump's travel ban caused a lot of protests at airports across the country. [Image by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images]

“This entire thing has been a mess. And it’s an unnecessary mess, by the way. It’s like Trump and his team weren’t even trying,” Noah continued and added that before signing the executive orders, Trump blew off getting any legal advice.

Most of the commenters after the YouTube clip from Trevor Noah’s show complimented the segment.

“No civilians on the list of seven countries on Trump’s ban list have done a terrorist attack on America. What do you think Trump supporters? Ban them!” exclaimed one commenter.

“Can’t wait for him to get impeached,” said another.

Trevor Noah certainly isn’t the only talk show host to bash Donald Trump and his immigration ban. Just about every other talk show host on regular and cable television has as well. Do you think Noah is right about Donald Trump and his plan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Brad Barket/Getty Images]