Chrissy Teigen Back In 'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition' After Baby Luna

Don't hate Chrissy Teigen because she is beautiful, or because nine months after giving birth, she is not just in bikini shape, but Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shape. The mother of baby Luna, and wife of musician John Legend looks incredible sprawled on the beach of Zanzibar. As usual, Teigen is speaking about it all openly, and with a great sense of humor.

Since baby Luna's birth nine months ago, Chrissy Teigen has snapped back into incredible shape rather quickly, and sadly, that has caused some mommy-shaming on social media, says the Inquisitr. When Teigen would be photographed out without Luna, people would imply that she should return home to her baby. But Teigen and husband John Legend have fought back with humor. Teigen regularly takes photos of herself and Luna on shoots and checks in with Legend via Skype, as he is currently on tour.

Chrissy Teigen last did a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2014, so she thought it was about time to do it again, between babies, says PageSix.
"It's been a while since I've done anything in a swimsuit — I haven't shot since baby."
But if the pictures are any indication, she could have been back on the beach anytime.


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Teigen has been very upfront with the fertility issues that she and husband John Legend have had, and that Luna was conceived via IVF. Lately, the couple has been sharing the fact that they are hoping to have another child, and Teigen says she was getting IVF shots during the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shoot in Zanzibar.

"I was getting my shots and everything in Zanzibar, I had a little medical kit."
But this leaves fans wondering, will Sports Illustrated put Teigen on its cover? The magazine will be out in two weeks, and SI isn't talking.
But Sports Illustrated will confirm that they are happy to have Chrissy Teigen back and that she is featured in magazine, and in "Making of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2017," a video of the shoot. Sports Illustrated over the last few years has included women of various ages, body types, and sports backgrounds. Swimsuit Edition editor M.J. Day said that Teigen was a bit nervous, but warmed up quickly during the shoot.
"She showed up telling me she would only shoot one pieces, and if I could throw a blanket over the top of her, that would be great. I think she surprised herself on this trip, because I don't think she was seeing herself quite the way we were seeing her."
Teigen says that she doesn't want to admit it, but it's true that the smaller the suit, the smaller you look.
"MJ's right, and I don't want to say this to her, but the tinier the suit, the smaller and hotter you look. Ugh, I hate that. I hate that she's right!"
Lately, on the awards show circuit (John Legend is nominated for his song in La La Land) Legend and Teigen have been talking about baby number two, and giving Luna a little brother, says Entertainment Tonight. Legend and Teigen have gotten a lot of backlash after being frank about choosing the gender of their children in advance with IVF.

Do you think Chrissy Teigen looks great in a swimsuit for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition?

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