Trump Video ‘Where’s Rudy’ Giuliani Gaffe Raises Fears About Donald Trump Health

Yesterday’s Donald Trump video in which he asks “Where’s Rudy?” with Rudy Giuliani sitting right in front of him once again raises fears about Trump health problems – either physical or mental. Donald Trump health concerns had cropped up long before this video seen on C-SPAN, with the Trump campaign originally being very reluctant to even release a doctor’s report about his health.

Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump. Trump video has Trump not seeing Giuliani. [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

The Health of Donald Trump

Video taken Tuesday during a White House briefing on cyber security issues shows Donald Trump about to introduce the person he was installing as the U. S. cyber security czar: Rudy Giuliani. The video cameras started rolling and Donald Trump began to speak.

“With that I want to introduce Rudy Giuliani and he’s going to be working with Jared Kushner and with Tom Bossert who are also here. Rudy’s very much of an expert on cyber security. It’s been a very important thing to him, and to what he does and maybe I’ll ask Rudy to say a few words.”

But as happens all too often when Donald Trump is involved, Elite Daily reports the video then shifted from the mundane to the bizarre when Trump was apparently unable to locate Rudy Giuliani – who was sitting right in front of him across the conference table. Trump looked around and said, “Where’s Rudy?”

During an incredibly awkward moment in this Trump video, General John Kelly – Trump’s new head of Homeland Security – had to point out that Giuliani was sitting right in front of Trump and only inches away from him. As embarrassing as this might have been for all assembled, it raises serious questions about whether the Donald Trump health concerns of last year might have been valid after all.

Trump Video Evidence of Dementia?

While some have suggested that this might be a problem with Trump’s eyesight, this video gaffe – if it can be called a gaffe – is the sort of thing that became well-known during the Reagan administration. Ronald Reagan’s mental flubs were later revealed to be a direct consequence of senile dementia, which began to set in while he was still in office.

At the time, Reagan’s staff – as well as Nancy Reagan – went to great efforts to avoid any video evidence of the President’s physical and mental health problems. It should be noted that Ronald Reagan was 69-years-old when he entered the White House, whereas Donald Trump is nearly 71.


The likelihood of senile dementia or Alzheimer’s increases as a person grows older. But people much younger than either Reagan or Trump can begin to experience the effects of dementia. Such effects can make these individuals unfit for positions of high responsibility in which their own – or other people’s lives – are at stake.

Mental Health Questions Before Trump Video

Questions have been raised about Donald Trump’s mental health, stability, and capacity throughout his campaign for the presidency and since his inauguration. A number of psychiatrists have analyzed Trump by looking at video records of his speeches over the last year and have come to the conclusion that he suffers from serious mental disorders.

Trump speaks to women's group. Trump video evidence suggests to some mental disorder.
Trump speaks to women's group. Trump video evidence suggests to some mental disorder. [Image by David Becker/Getty Images]

As noted by Daily Kos, Trump’s words and actions – based on video evidence – have led some to wonder if Donald Trump might be suffering from dementia. He exhibits many of the most common symptoms, including confused speech and an inability to remember dates, names, and faces.

Trump’s frequent 3 o’clock in the morning tweets in which he vents his anger over something he’s seen in a video on CNN or MSNBC could also be a sign he is afflicted with senile dementia. Sudden bursts of anger and paranoia are common with people suffering from this disorder.


So this rather startling and disturbing Trump video in which he is unable to recognize someone sitting directly across from him may be more than just an amusing gaffe to add to all of Trump’s other mistakes over the last year. The video could represent one small piece of the mounting evidence that Donald Trump may be unfit to continue as President of the United States.

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