‘Z Nation’ 2017 Season 4: Lucy Ages Fast As Show Makes Odd Promise [Opinion]

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

The new season of Z Nation is on the way, which means all the fans out there will get to watch Lucy grow into old age, or as old as she can with her bizarre metabolism. The Z Nation Season 4 trailer has recently been released and the main players are all accounted for. When fans got their last glimpse of Lucy, she was already a teenager, and they learned that Blends really do grow in leaps and bounds in Z Nation. Even though she is not a normal teen and she can be a bit of an entitled young woman, fans had to feel sorry for her getting a life lesson from Man when she passed into puberty overnight. The girl needed a mother.


The Z Nation crew learns that Lucy is great to have around because as long as she is there, the Z Nation zombies, aka “puppies and kittens,” gravitate to her. Anyone she is with is safe from their attack, as long as she wants it that way. When Addy and Doc first found Lucy, her playmates were zombies and they were having a Z Nation tea party in the backyard in her honor. She was just a youngster back then, but it seems like a few days later they were dealing with Lucy, the teen.


Doc learned of Lucy’s effect on people when they picked up a hitchhiking zombie. This Z Nation zombie was a mild-mannered zombie, who was sporting a shirt indicating he was once a grandfather. All he could say was Lucy and point, so they let him hop in the car to help them find Lucy. Don’t forget about Lucy leaving a severed arm and hand to point the direction that she was traveling in. This is one Z Nation gal with some mystical powers.

Now all Doc has to do is keep a lookout for moving severed body parts along the way in their journey to find the kidnapped teen. In the end of Z Nation Season 3, if a zombie or a severed body part of a zombie sported a bite mark by Lucy, they are all working to send help in her direction. Den of Geek reports that for Z Nation Season 4, the Syfy channel claims, “Z end of Z world is here.” While that sounds a bit odd, let’s hope that doesn’t mean the end to Z Nation, just the end to the zombie epidemic. Check out the trailer below for Z Nation Season 4.

When Z Nation aired its first season, it surprised the viewers when Garnett, who fans believed was the star of the show, was killed off by zombies, with Warren giving him mercy. Unlike traditional shows, where stars don’t get killed off so soon, in Z Nation they can go at anytime. Garnet’s death pretty much set the rules for the future of the Z Nation shows for fans. They now know anyone is just a zombie bite away from being off the show.

This was seen again when Mack was killed off by the zombies and Addy gave him mercy. Addy and Mack were the only couple out of the Z Nation crew, so you would think they were safe, but that just wasn’t the case. Warren and Garnett were having their first sexual encounter when the zombies overran the barracks they were staying at, so the Z Nation fans only got to see them as a couple for less than an episode.


So what is up with Lucy? She is the Z Nation offspring of a human woman and Murphy. There was a time when Murphy was a human, but he was turned into a Blend, or such is the name he calls his species. Murphy wasn’t aging at the same rate Lucy was the last time viewers got a look at him. The Blends that Murphy created with his bite don’t seem to be rapidly aging either.

Addy and Doc are out to save Lucy from Man while Warren and the rest of the crew are trying to capture Murphy so they can continue their “mission.” While the location of their mission has changed, they still need to get him to a group of scientists who can use both Murphy and Lucy’s blood to make a cure for the Z Nation epidemic.


Doc, Warren, Addy, and 10K are the four original characters who have outlasted the rest of the Z Nation cast. Are they safe through the next season of Z Nation? It would seem that Doc and 10K are safe, as IMDb has both Russell Hodgkinson (Doc) and Nat Zang (10K) both appearing in 40 episodes of the show from Season 1 through 4. This is the maximum number of shows that were filmed.


Warren, played by Kellita Smith, is only in 36 episodes of Z Nation and Anastasia Baranova, who plays Addy, is set for 37 episodes. Does this mean they die towards the end of this new season? It could, but most likely it means they aren’t in a few episodes. This might have already happened with the way they jump back and forth between scenes; it is hard to keep track of any of the cast who missed out on an episode.

So what has kept Doc, who is a fan favorite, safe all this time? He’s not a hulk of a man and he is up there in age, so why is he a Z Nation survivor? Probably because Doc is an old hippie who isn’t riddled with fear. He does always seem to have quite the pharmaceutical stash going in his pockets and luggage. He always seems to have an Oxy or two hanging around. Z weed is also something he enjoys partaking in.


Warren lasted due to her military training and as the leader of this Z Nation group, she’s been instrumental in keeping the others alive as well. Then there’s 10K, who is the best shot in the world, or what is left of it. He is in the process of fighting Murphy’s bite and trying to break away from his control. Addy is a younger version of Warren. Although she doesn’t have military training, she’s someone you want on your team when fighting zombies.

While Z Nation started out slow when it came to gathering viewers, it has found it’s niche and if you see it once, you are hooked. The blend of humor is genius, and if you look back at some of the scenes depicted in previous seasons, you can’t help but laugh. One memorable and hilarious scene was Murphy’s pole stripper. This zombie woman goes around and around until her arm falls off and she flies over the heads of a stunned Doc, Addy, Murphy, and 10K.


One of the most memorable scenes on Z Nation is Doc getting stuck in an air duct with a zombie. The zombie is just far enough from Doc that he can’t hurt him, but close enough for Doc to give it a shotgun toke of his joint. That scene really set Doc’s personality for the rest of the seasons. The birth of Lucy had some seriously funny scenes for Z Nation as did Murphy’s first encounter with Lucy’s mom in a tent.

Then there was the biggest cheese wheel probably in the world. Last time that was seen, it was rolling down the road taking zombies with it. Doc’s dry sense of humor is often part of the punch lines to these scenes. He turns the funny into hilarious. Much like his reaction to the Liberty Bell taking out zombies. Who can forget that Z Nation flurry made up of a ball of zombies. They zoomed by at such a fast pace with all their energy. They were all starving and trying to eat each other. The bus full of Abraham Lincoln zombies was also another hysterical scene from Z Nation.

Z Nation is coming back with Season 4, and while a trailer is available, which is seen above, the date of its season premiere has not been set as of yet. The AV Club reports it will be in 2017 and they suggest that September or October should be a safe bet.

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