Scott Disick In A Downward Spiral, Friends Allegedly Worried He Will End Up Dead

Scott Disick has had problems with alcohol over the years. Things really seemed to be looking up lately as he had reconnected with Kourtney Kardashian and they appeared to be doing well. Now, it turns out that Radar Online is sharing that Scott Disick’s family is really concerned for him and are afraid he might end up dead. Just yesterday, Scott Disick was seen in Miami with girls all around.


A source close to the Kardashian family is now speaking out and saying that everyone is worried about Scott Disick. Here is what the source had to say.

“Scott is on a sad downward spiral and it is not going to end well. Right now he is not responding to anyone’s calls or texts. Scott went to Costa Rica with the intentions of making everything better with Kourtney, but when he arrived he was already drunk and reeking like booze.”

The Kardashian family was in Costa Rica on a vacation that Scott wasn’t invited to at all. It sounds like he was there to try and fix things with Kourtney, but the way that Scott showed up didn’t help his case at all. The source said Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner noticed that something was going on with him. They went back to Scott’s hotel room, and when they did it, what they found was pretty shocking to everyone.

“When Kris and Kim went into his room, there was some random chick in there and the room was filled with booze and other signs of a party. Kris told him that she could not believe that he would do this on their family vacation. Scott basically told Kris that she could go f*** herself! Scott packed up his stuff after getting into a screaming match with Kris and Kim and security was called to escort him out. He got onto a plane and they haven’t spoken to him since!”


Scott Disick doesn’t really have any family left outside of the Kardashians. If he pushes them away, then things are going to be really difficult for him. Scott Disick did spend some time in rehab, but it doesn’t seem to have done the trick.

The source shared a bit more, and it sounds like his friends are really concerned.

“Scott is really tempting fate right now and he knows this. Sadly, it seems like is only a matter of time before his actions catch up with him and friends fear if he keeps going like this he will end up dead.”

Us Magazine shared about Scott Disick leaving Costa Rica and what he ended up doing after he took off. This was a four-day vacation, and Scott Disick left a day before it was even over. This is after he allegedly secretly flew a mystery woman there during the trip. This would explain what the source said Kim and Kris found going on in his room.

A source stated that Scott had rented his own room in the hotel that production was staying in and not where the family was staying during the trip. A source said that Kourtney was really upset he did this during a family vacation.

Are you shocked to hear that Scott Disick is drinking again and that things aren’t going well with Kourtney again? Do you think that the family should be worried about Scott and his behavior? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians when it returns to the E network on Sunday nights.

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