Lucha Underground Netflix Deal To Start February 15

Lucha Underground has become one of the most entertaining professional wrestling shows on TV since it debuted three years ago. However, they aired on a niche television network in El Rey, which has a small audience. Court Bauer was on MLW Radio today and confirmed that will all change thanks to Netflix. A Lucha Underground Netflix deal will kick off this month, and fans can finally catch up with the first two seasons of the professional wrestling show starting on Feb. 15.

The deal is the first that will bring professional wrestling to a large streaming service like Netflix, although the WWE and some smaller wrestling companies offer their own streaming services as well.

According to CNN, Netflix had 86 million subscribers as of the third quarter of 2016, and the Lucha Underground Netflix deal gives the company the biggest possible fan base of any company other than the WWE.

Lucha Underground Netflix Deal To Start February 15
[Image by El Rey Network]

The WWE Network had 1,458 million subscribers at the same time as that Netflix announcement last year, according to Wrestle Zone. The WWE also has one of the largest cable audiences on television thanks to the USA Network. TV By the Numbers reported that the WWE averaged 3.615 million viewers this week for their three hours of Monday Night Raw.

Of course, putting Lucha Underground on Netflix does not guarantee that the company matches the WWE numbers on the streaming site, but it does give fans wanting to see something different a chance for the company to win them over.

Lucha Underground are currently on a break right now with Season 3 scheduled to restart on El Rey in May. On the small niche network, Showbuzz Daily reported that they brought in 104,000 viewers for a show in December. Adding Lucha Underground to Netflix will at least give millions more fans a chance to see what the hype is all about.

Unlike the WWE, TNA Impact Westling, and Ring of Honor, the entire idea behind Lucha Underground is to create a television show using professional wrestling instead of using wrestling as the TV show. What that means is that there are clearly fictional storylines, many based on the iconic Lucha libre wrestling from Mexico.

Lucha Underground Netflix Deal To Start February 15
[Image by El Rey Network]

Characters in Lucha Underground have died; some have been brought back to life, and others have been granted super powers. While traditional wrestling fans might snub their nose at this, the entire idea of Lucha Underground is to present it as they would any other television show. It is no different than a Netflix show like Stranger Things, but the program is based around professional wrestlers.

Despite this, the wrestling action itself in Lucha Underground is some of the best fans will see. They have major wrestling stars there, such as Johnny Mundo (John Morrison from the WWE), Chavo Guerrero (WWE), Vampiro (WCW), Pentagon (AAA), Cage (WWE), and one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling history in Rey Mysterio Jr.; a huge selling point for Netflix subscribers.


Lucha Underground hired an actor to portray the authority figure, Dario Cueto, who is much better than any authority figure the WWE has had in years. He is someone who just cares about giving fans what they want while also being ruthless and violent. There is also a storyline where the police are investigating Cueto, and Lucha Underground cast B-action star Lorenzo Lamas to portray one of the cops. It seems a perfect fit for Netflix.

Lucha Underground is like nothing fans have ever seen, with crazy storylines that live in the supernatural, and with professional wrestling that is inspired and better than just about anything in the WWE. With the Lucha Underground Netflix deal about to kick off on Feb. 15, fans can finally see what this is all about, and Lucha Underground has a chance to become the number two professional wrestling company in the United States if it catches on thanks to Netflix streaming services.

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