No, The Queen Did Not Say She Can Legally Kill Donald Trump With A Sword [Hoax]

The Internet has become an ugly thing since the election, and social media has become even worse than it was before. People are fighting with each other and others are spewing as much hatred forward as possible. There are those wishing they could find a way to rid the world of President Donald Trump, and some think that the queen has found the ideal way to do it without any trouble. Well, the thing is that she really didn’t say she could kill him legally without penalty.

An article has started making the social media rounds on Facebook and Twitter which is titled, “Legally I can kill him, Queen confirms,” and the “him” is Donald Trump. The article comes from the Daily Mash and has Queen Elizabeth saying she could very well kill Donald Trump with a sword she has had for quite some time, and English Law says it is legal.

She reportedly said that she isn’t necessarily going to kill him, but “I haven’t made up my mind yet. I might.”

donald trump queen england sword kill hoax debunked
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As the article continues to go viral, many people are hoping the queen will go through with her threat and really do something with her sword since she can’t be punished. Not only are many sharing the piece and condoning murder, but they’re putting their faith in something that isn’t even true.

Other websites are starting to report the news of the queen wanting to slay Donald Trump with a sword, but they’re using the Daily Mash as their source. They’re using a site that is completely and totally satirical as their source.

While the Daily Mash doesn’t state on every article that their words are untrue, they don’t try to hide it either. All one has to do is look at their “About” section to see what they’re truly saying.

“The Daily Mash is a satirical website which publishes spoof articles, i.e. it is all made-up and is not intended, in any way whatsoever, to be taken as factual. Glad we’ve got that sorted.”

None of the quotes are true. The story isn’t true at all. Nothing is going on between the queen and President Donald Trump, but he will end up having a visit to see her later this year. That’s about the only thing that is true in this story, and Business Insider claims it will be incredibly awkward, but there won’t be political figures murdering one another.

No one really knows if Queen Elizabeth is looking forward to Trump’s visit sometime later this year, but she certainly hasn’t said anything about killing him with a sword.

donald trump queen england sword kill hoax debunked
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Over the years and decades, there have been a number of discussions regarding the queen being above the law. Some believe she really could do anything and everything she wants to do without any fear of penalty by law, but that’s a story for another time.

Donald Trump will represent the United States as president when he visits the queen, but he doesn’t have to worry about her taking out a sword and killing him. Surely, she thinks she has done more during her reign to say that she “should do one useful thing before I abdicate, really.”

A lot of people have started passing around the article saying that the queen confirmed she could kill President Donald Trump during his visit. She apparently said she could do it by sword, and due to English law, she wouldn’t suffer any penalty either. Well, like many things on the Internet, it is nothing but a hoax and has been totally debunked. Some people may realize that, but with all the hate being thrown around lately on social media, any additional that isn’t even real is unnecessary.

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