WWE Rumors: AJ Styles Defeats Dean Ambrose, What’s Next For The Phenomenal One?

With AJ Styles’ stunning — albeit expected — defeat at the hands of John Cena at the Royal Rumble, the latest WWE rumors about him have been asking the same question: what’s next for The Phenomenal One? It’s safe to say that the former World Champion is now a little bit aimless since Cena snatched the belt — and went on to make history — but, let’s not forget, Styles is also one of the best wrestlers on SmackDown Live. So, what do the latest WWE rumors suggest about him?

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First, let’s take a look at the latest WWE rumors from The Indian Express. On last night’s episode of SmackDown Live, Styles went up against Dean Ambrose, the former Shield member who has had several World Championship opportunities snatched from him in the past. And while, arguably, Styles’ defeat of Ambrose — especially with the Styles Clash — seems anti-climactic in nature, it’s a sign that Styles still has a lot of fight left in him. But does that mean that Styles would be willing to do another World Champion run? And if not, what’s next for him?

According to SkySports‘s latest round of WWE rumors, Styles reportedly wants to take on Randy Orton next, in a “special match.” The outlet recently spoke to the former world champion, and he confirmed that Orton — who won the Royal Rumble on Sunday — inspired him to become a better wrestler overall.

And even though Styles and Orton have yet to come face-to-face in the ring, Styles believes that if given the opportunity, they’ll create something, well, phenomenal.

“I think there’s that one person that everybody would like to see me work with, and that’s Randy Orton. Randy and I have yet to even touch in the ring, I don’t think I’ve hit him with anything, or he’s hit me. None of that’s ever happened. I think that’s gonna be something special when it does.”

As for his loss against Cena, Styles says that he has no hard feelings towards him. In fact, Styles says that the loss against Cena has inspired him to be a better wrestler.

“John Cena has made AJ Styles a better performer, there’s no doubt about that. When you’re in there with someone like John Cena, he knows how to capture a crowd, no matter what they feel about him, and he finds a way to get them behind what he’s doing and saying.”

Finally, the latest WWE rumors from ESPN suggest that this isn’t the last time that AJ Styles could, potentially, be holding the world championship belt. Most of whether Styles will get another championship run is dependent on what happens in the John Cena Elimination Chamber, which takes place on February 8. However, ESPN believes that Styles is already back on the road to the championship.

“After opening on Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon announcing the six-man field for the Elimination Chamber, guaranteeing AJ Styles a future one-on-one match for the WWE championship and setting up the night’s main event between Styles and Dean Ambrose, Cena took to the ring to celebrate his record-tying 16th world championship reign.”

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