WWE News: The Undertaker In Bad Shape, In Need Of Another Surgery Very Soon

WWE legend The Undertaker is coming back for yet another WrestleMania this year, but he may be in the roughest shape of his entire career and could be working this year with half his ability. Obviously, when The Undertaker comes back, the WWE fans are always excited. He’s a huge Superstar who lives up to every bit of the word and gives fans amazing moments every year.

Fans would love to see The Undertaker come back every year and never leave. However, he has wrestled for over three decades and worked over 20 WrestleMania events in that time. This is the timeframe many men start to contemplate retirement. This is especially true for big men, who tend to retire early due to knee and hip problems. Undertaker has a good bit of those problems from his career in WWE.

He stopped working a full-time schedule with WWE nearly a decade ago and his part-time schedule has been easy for him to work simply because he rarely performed and would often only do one match per year. He seems to be readying his retirement run each year before WWE Chairman Vince McMahon convinces him to work another big match for the event. However, it may take a lot for The Undertaker to return next year.

Shane McMahon Undertaker
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According to Ringside News, Undertaker is in bad shape after he worked the Royal Rumble match this past Sunday. He was reportedly not in the best of shape backstage after his elimination. It is being said that the major problem has to do with his hip right now. He had surgery on the same hip earlier last year. He was even caught not being able to walk much due to the surgery, which people did not know about at the time.

It appears that he needs to have another surgery on the hip, but not just any kind. He will need hip replacement surgery, which he refuses to do until after his match at WrestleMania 33. Hip replacement surgery has a different recovery period for everyone. Of course, while a normal person getting this surgery may just need a few months to truly recover, an athlete like The Undertaker will need more time to get back to the level necessary to work in the ring.

He will probably end up needing four to six months to get back into the kind of shape he needs to compete at the high level he has been known for over the years. Most people who have these types of surgeries do tend to be older, so the normal recovery time is good to see. But WWE will make sure he sees the best people in the world and give him world-class care to get him where he needs to be.

Vince McMahon Undertaker
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Vince McMahon likes to take care of his WWE Superstars, but The Undertaker is special compared to most. Vince respects and admires The Deadman, and that is a pretty huge deal. He treats him like an equal, and McMahon won’t let Undertaker get a bad surgery from anyone to save a buck. This is why The Phenom will probably recover better than most, as the care he will get after his surgery will be terrific.

It is being rumored that Undertaker will most likely take on Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. WWE wants to give Roman a huge match at the event if he is not going after or defending a title, so a match with Undertaker makes sense. The problem WWE has to look at is that Undertaker may have trouble working the match with a bad leg, and Roman’s size may be an issue. The match could change for Undertaker, but for now, it does seem to be Reigns vs Undertaker.

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