Many Americans Still Continue To Believe In UFOs

Lucy Santos

According to the National UFO Reporting Center, there are fewer sightings this year compared to 2016. In January 2016, there were 18 reported UFO sightings. This year there are just 11 reported sightings for the month of January. However, this latest data about UFO sightings will not stop Americans from believing in UFOs. In fact, 65 percent of American men believe in UFOs. Even though women are less likely to believe in UFOs, at least 46 percent of women think that UFOs exist. Belief in UFOs also varies depending on a person's age. People who are 65 or older are more skeptical about the existence of UFOs. Sixty percent of young people, from the 30 to 44 age group, believe in UFOs.

If you believe that the government covers up what actually happens during UFO encounters, then you are not alone. Thirty percent of UFO enthusiasts believe that aliens have communicated with humans and that the government has shielded it from the public. Many Americans believe that the government has many secrets about UFOs and aliens that remain top secret.

One case of UFO cover-up in the United States was on Maury Island in Washington. Harold Dahl, a sailor, saw six metallic objects in the sky above sea level. Dahl said that the mysterious objects fell to earth in pieces. After he had reported the incident, a man in black came to visit his home and invited him to breakfast. As they both ate, the man told him not to tell anyone about the UFO incident. Now Dahl was so fearful, that he claimed that his story was a lie. Later he had a change of heart, and he told newspapers that the UFO sighting was real.

UFO aficionados will be delighted to know that there is a new UFO hot spot in the United States, Olympia, which is the capital of the State of Washington and has a population of 46,478 residents. Some of the most interesting descriptions of UFOs in the skies of Olympia are cigar shaped objects, white cylindrical shapes, multicolored lights and light flashes in the sky.

Besides the sightings of unexplained phenomenon in Olympia, there were other 2017 UFO sightings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Girdwood, Alaska, Long Island, New York and in Long Beach, California. These are just some examples of recent UFO sightings in 2017, and there are many others throughout America.

Not only do Americans believe in UFOs, but people worldwide also believe in UFOs as well. Germans even believe more in UFOs than Americans do. In fact, 56 percent of Germans think that UFOs exist. There is one interesting and mysterious UFO encounter that took place in Germany long ago.

On April 14, 1561, the sky in Nuremberg, Germany, which is usually serene at dawn, looked like a war zone. Witnesses said that they saw solid crosses, rods, and spears moving across the sky. It was simply an early morning disturbing spectacle in the sky that many Germans would never forget. Rather than seeing these objects in the sky as UFO's, most Germans saw this strange sky as a warning from God that they needed to be penitent for their sins. Hans Glaser, who was a journalist and woodcutter, made a woodcut of the strange sky in Nuremberg with all of the objects. This woodcut is the key piece of evidence that ufologists have that serves as proof of this phenomenon. If this phenomenon took place today, most people would see the strange objects in the sky as UFOs. Still today many tourists visit Nuremberg to see if they will be lucky enough to see an unexplained phenomenon.

Some people will continue to believe that the strange lights in the sky have a logical explanation and are not UFOs. As for many people across the world, they will think that those unusual glowing objects in the sky are UFOs.

[Featured Image by Keystone/Stringer/Getty Images]