WWE News: Seth Rollins Re-Injured Right Knee At Hands Of Samoa Joe Attack

Seth Rollins hasn’t had the typical start to his WWE career. In just a few years, Rollins was branded as the architect of one of the most destructive factions in WWE history. The Iowa-native became the first-ever NXT champion. He cashed in Money in the Bank, beat Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns in the same match to become the WWE World Heavyweight champion. Rollins turned his back on the Shield, feuding with Reigns and Dean Ambrose throughout the days thereafter. However, not everything was golden for Rollins.

Deep into Rollins’ WWE championship run, he was wrestling Kane during an overseas tour. While performing a sunset flip powerbomb, his knee tore upon landing, and the champ was forced to miss several months of action, including WrestleMania 32. It was a heartbreaking scenario that left Rollins determined to get back to the WWE ring even faster than initially expected. John Cena surely lent Rollins some of his healing powers as the Architect made a huge impact upon returning.

Seth Rollins Looking At The WWE Universe
Image by WWE

After the injury, he fought for the WWE Universal title at SummerSlam and lost to Finn Balor. But, an injury to Balor caused by Rollins forced WWE officials to pull an audible and put the WWE Universal title up for grabs the next night on WWE Raw. Triple H screwed Rollins out of a championship and gave it to Kevin Owens. He’s held the belt ever since. As for Rollins, he’s been on the warpath trying to get revenge for what HHH did to him. That came to a halt on Monday night.

Triple H came out to address Rollins and talked about creating the destroyer. Rollins was on his way to the squared circle when Samoa Joe came out to attack Rollins. In a new report by WWE.com, Seth Rollins has re-injured his right knee in the attack by the newly named Destroyer.

Seth Rollins‘ right knee was re-injured during Samoa Joe‘s ambush at the conclusion of this Monday’s Raw, WWE.com can now confirm. The attack occurred as Rollins was heading to the ring to finally confront Triple H, who cost The Architect a WWE Universal Championship opportunity back in August.

WWE.com cameras captured footage of Rollins leaving the Laredo Energy Arena in Laredo, Texas, Monday night, but no specific details on the former WWE Champion’s condition have been revealed. Rollins is set to be evaluated later this week.”

For WWE fans, there could be a light at the end of the tunnel. If the injury is said to be a work, as the wrestling industry puts it when an incident is scripted, then Rollins will still go on to compete at WrestleMania 33 against Triple H. However, there is a small chance that the injury is very real and any time lost by Rollins is a huge detriment to the roster, as well as his career. The former is a likely possibility, as Samoa Joe tweeted just a bit ago about the injury sustained to Rollins.

While Joe is playing up the possibility of it being a storyline injury, PWInsider is reporting Rollins is in Alabama right now getting checked on. On top of that, Rollins just tweeted out a picture of his knee with medical paraphernalia on it.

If Rollins is forced to miss his second-straight WrestleMania, there’s not much anybody can do except empathize with the young WWE star. Seth Rollins is one of the WWE’s brightest stars and can perform at a high level inside the ring and on the microphone. His NXT Takeover appearance alone confirmed that theory. As the WWE.com report states, Rollins will be evaluated again later this week. We’ll have more on Rollins’ health and if he will be stable enough for WrestleMania 33 as this story as it develops.

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